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Know Tips To Get Canadian Job Offer From Outside Canada

Last Updated On 28 March 2023, 10:18 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

With growing competition and increasing interest in Canada for immigration, having a job offer can significantly help. Furthermore, Canada is dealing with labour shortage.

However, getting a job offer is far more complex for aspiring immigrants outside Canada, but it is not impossible. Here are 7 tips that help you get a job offer from outside Canada.

1. Reach out to employers on LinkedIn 

Indeed and Glassdoor are the most used websites to apply for jobs. As well, most Canadians use these websites to submit their job applications. However, even though foreign workers can use similar job search sites to apply for jobs, their resumes are less likely to be considered. 

It is because if there are hundreds of other applicants who submitted their applications for the same positions, from which many would be in Canada. Connecting with the company’s recruiting manager directly through LinkedIn is one potential solution to this problem. 

However, you may need to research the company to find and connect with the hiring manager. Afterward, you can reach out to the recruiting manager on LinkedIn, engage with them, and directly communicate your qualifications for the position. 

Some hiring managers are more open to this strategy because it spares them the work of sorting through a large number of resumes to find the right applicant. However, when using this strategy, foreign workers must ensure their CV adheres to Canadian standards.

2. Update your resume to Canadian style

Before contacting Canadian employers, ensure that you format your existing resume according to Canadian standards. Click here for 5 Cover Letter Tips That Can Land You A Job.

The length of most resumes in Canada are two pages. Unless you have decades of work experience and are applying for a senior-level position, you should avoid making your CV any longer than this.

Here are some of the things you can add to your Canadian-style resume: 

  • Your chronological work history, beginning with the most recent job to the oldest. 
  • Any volunteer experience 
  • Professional social media account links, such as LinkedIn

Another tip is to keep a “master” resume detailing your employment experience. Then, you can make more concise versions of this resume, including relevant information about your work experience helpful for the position. 

3. Utilize provincial job bank websites

On the Government of Canada Job Bank website, foreign workers can also search for opportunities in their preferred province. You can narrow down your search results on this job site by profession, location, working environment, workplace language, length of employment, and compensation.

For instance, if you have two years of work experience, English skills, and a university degree, and you’re looking for a full-time sales position in Vancouver, you can go to the Advanced search page and type “Sales” into the “Job Title” area.

Then, you can filter through the available options. For example, you can select language at work, location, number of hours, location, education, etc. 

After selecting your options, click on “view results,” located at the top of the page and see job listings matching your criteria. Then, if you find a job that interests you, click “Show how to apply.” It’ll guild you on how to submit your application. 

4. Look for jobs in smaller cities

Most foreign workers are keen to find jobs in Canada’s largest cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal. However, job openings in these cities also draw Canadians from other regions of the nation. 

In Toronto, a single job posting is likely to draw hundreds of applications from potential employees. Hence, your chances of ever being invited for an interview for such a position are limited. 

Nevertheless, the good news is that job openings outside of major cities typically have lower competition. For instance, a few dozen might apply for a position in Hamilton, Ontario.

Applying for jobs in smaller cities increases the likelihood of getting an interview. 

Moreover, Toronto is about an hour’s drive from Hamilton. Therefore, you can work in a smaller, more economical city while living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

5. Focus on getting in-demand jobs 

As was previously said, job listings receive dozens or even hundreds of applications from interested candidates. Again, it is because there are far more job seekers than workers needing employment. 

However, in-demand jobs have many positions to fill and the jobs that are in-demand differ between provinces. For instance, British Columbia has a significant need for plumbers this year. Similarly, Saskatchewan will have a significant demand for transport truck drivers in 2022.

Before applying for positions, aspiring foreign workers should research the “in-demand” professions in their selected regions.

6. Learning French 

English and French are the two main official languages of Canada. Nonetheless, the majority of the population speaks English. The only province that extensively speaks French is Quebec. 

French proficiency is a requirement for many job ads in Quebec. As a result, most foreign workers and Canadians from other provinces refrain from applying for jobs in Quebec. It gives French-speaking foreign workers an advantage when applying for positions in the province.

If you have the time and money, foreign employees who want to increase their chances of getting a job offer from Canada can think about studying French. 

You may learn the language for free online using various tools like Duolingo and Mondly, enabling you to read, speak, and write French fluently in just one year.

7. Enter Canada using a tourist visa/visitor visa

Prospective foreign workers who are experiencing trouble submitting their applications online can have better success travelling to Canada on a visitor visa. Visitor visa can be applied by anyone even without having any relative or friend in Canada.

Once you have obtained your visitor visa, you can travel to Canada and hunt for jobs. If you already have a list of potential companies, you might try to contact their recruiting managers by going to their offices. Click Here to Know How To Apply For Visitor Visa Via New IRCC Portal.

This way of applying for jobs gives you an edge over other international applicants because you can physically demonstrate your language proficiency and comprehension of the Canadian corporate culture.