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truck driver in canada

Know Requirements To Become A Truck Driver In Canada

Last Updated On 1 September 2023, 10:11 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

The current labour shortage provides an opportunity to begin a new career as a truck driver in Canada.

If you have prior driving experience or a clean driving record, Canada is helping foreign nationals move to fulfil labour shortages.

Below are details on the ongoing truck driver shortage, combined with general and province-specific requirements to become a driver in Canada. 

Ongoing Truck Driver Shortage Across Canada 

A recent study shows a 20% surge in truck driver vacancies in Canada. According to the study, Ontario has more than 6,000 positions or nearly 25% of driver vacancies in Canada.

Next is British Columbia with more than 4,200 vacancies followed by Alberta with nearly 4,000 vacancies.

Similarly, other provinces, such as Saskatchewan, are introducing creative programs like the Long-Haul Drivers to fulfil labour shortages. 

General Truck Driver Requirements in Canada 

Below are general requirements for truck drivers in Canada: 

  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • On-the-job-training.
  • Completing an accredited driver training course of up to three months through a vocational school or community college may be required.
  • A Class 3 or D licence is required to drive straight-body trucks.
  • A Class 1 or A licence is required to drive long combination vehicles.
  • Air brake endorsement (Z) is required for drivers who operate vehicles equipped with air brakes.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) certification is required for drivers who transport hazardous products or dangerous goods.
  • Additional licensing endorsement or certification may be required to drive articulated trucks.

Province-Specific Requirements for Truck Drivers 

Certain provinces may require specific certifications and licenses before working as a driver. 

Below are province specific requirements:

In Alberta, occupations in Oil And Gas Transportation Services require a certificate from Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office, Government of Alberta

Similarly, British Columbia oil and gas industry drivers need a certificate from Worksafe BC before working in the province. 

While in Ontario, Propane Truck Operators require certification from  Technical Standards and Safety Authority. Moreover, Tractor-trailer Commercial Driver needs accreditation from the Ontario College of Trades

Additionally, in Québec, Line Truck Drivers need to get certified by Emploi Québec. In addition, Truck Drivers are regulated by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec.


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truck driver in canada