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Here Are Canada Immigration New Targets For 2022-2024

Canada Immigration Plan For 2022-2024

Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022 – 2024: These immigration levels are based on 2021 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration. Click here to download the report.

Canada Immigration Target 2022 - 2024
Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022 – 2024
French‑speaking immigration admissions necessary to meet 2023 objective in Francophone Immigration Strategy (PDF, 582 KB)Footnote1214,01417,886

Click here for Canada immigration levels plan for 2021 – 2023

Time StampUpdate/Comment
3:45 pm EST:2022 – 431,645 Permanent Residents
2023 – 447,055 Permanent Residents
2024 – 451,000 Permanent Residents
3:38 pm EST:Canada increased immigration levels target to 4,32,000 for 2022.
3:02 pm EST:“CILAvoice will provide commentary on the levels plan shortly after it is released. We should see the plan after 3 PM Eastern Time,” tweet by CILA (Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association)
12:00 pm EST:Expected announcement time 2:00 to 4:00 pm EST by INC – Immigration News Canada
🔴 Live Update Tracker – Immigration Levels Plan 2022 -2024

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Click here for Canada immigration levels plan for 2021 – 2023

Why Was This Announcement Important and Unique?

IRCC will be revealing Immigration Levels Plan for 2022 – 2024 today. Get latest live update on today’s immigration target announcement by IRCC minister here. We will be providing live coverage and update this article as soon as new targets will be declared later in the day today, so Stay Tuned! New immigration level plan will be important and unique because of the following 6 reasons:

  1. It will be announced in beginning of the year, but normally they are declared by November 1 of every year. Also, this announcement is coming after 2020 because of COVID pandemic.
  2. First plan to be announced by new Immigration Minister, Hon’ble Sean Fraser
  3. Will there be focus on clearing the backlogs or declaring new ambitious targets?
  4. Clarity for Express Entry aspirants especially FSW and CEC. Also, PNP targets will be watched because provinces have been requesting to increase PNP allocation.
  5. Will there be TR to PR program target?
  6. Will there be increased target for family sponsorship (spousal sponsorship & PGP (Parents and Grandparents)

Justin Trudeau sent a mandate letter to Sean Fraser in December 2021 asking to achieve results by delivering on 13 commitments, so we may see some reflection of the letter in today’s immigration levels plan. Click here to read the mandate letter to immigration minister.

Canada Immigration Targets 2021 – 2023

Immigration Target 2022 - 2024
Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2021 – 2023
Immigration Levels Plan 2021 – 2023
French-speaking immigration admissions necessary to meet objective in Francophone Immigration Strategy (PDF, 582 KB)Footnote104.4% of total admissions outside Quebec12,14416,544

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