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IRCC Officer DM10032 – Here Is All You Need To Know!

IRCC Officer DM10032 has been a topic of discussion among immigration applicants from outside Canada, lately. Most of these applicants have applied for permanent residency outside Canada in 2019 and are waiting for an update since March 2020. These applicants have been wondering if officer DM10032 even exists because this officer has left their applications largely untouched for years now.

Permanent residency applicants informed Canada’s leading new channel, CBC News “they know dozens of others under DM10032 and have rallied together online for moral support.” It seems like this visa officer is acting like a typical comical bureaucrat (babus) of government as applicants have mentioned this officer on online forums as “slow,” “useless,” “silent,” and even speculate they might be on vacation or, joking, “asleep.” 

As per CBC’s article, Jibi Mathews from India reported that she last heard on processing of her application around March 14, 2020 and that was the last time she saw that there was some action being done on her file. Jibi applied in November 2019 when her daughter was a year old and now she is 3-year-old.

Another applicant from Pakistan, Sehrish Saeed reportedly told CBC News that she is facing a lot of problems and couldn’t commit to any full-time jobs in the past two years of waiting for a decision on her applications. She has been working as a visiting lecturer at a university.

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Sehrish said she would have never applied in the first place if she had known about the delay. She is now suffering from mental and physical health issues. Also, her father died in October 2020 asking her about the progress of application with desire of seeing his daughter reuniting with her husband.

Ogunlade, an applicant from Nigeria said she is suspicious and worried about the officer DM10032’s whereabouts. She also applied in November 2019 and waiting since then. She had a dream to pursue dentistry in Canada which is now crushed and caused her emotional torture.

Who is IRCC Officer DM10032?

IRCC’s Visa officer working on processing a part or full file are given a code. As there has been not any progress on most of the applicants under DM10032, some theorize that this is not an actual person, but a code for applicants who are waiting in queue. People speculated this because this is not new as this was the case with an officer CB01126, based in Sydney. As per CBC, IRCC admitted that CB01126 was just a “placeholder” code. This information was relayed to CBC on request via an ATIP.

However, IRCC responded an email from CBC on January 24 and confirmed that DM10032 is, in fact, “an active employee.” “We do not comment on personal details. The processing of an application involves more than one officer and applicants can be assured that their application is moving forward even if they have not received a specific update from IRCC” – IRCC

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