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Immigration News Canada | About Us

INC – Immigration News Canada is a youth-driven web-based news and media corporation in Canada committed to providing the latest Canada immigration news and new IRCC updates.

INC strives to publish the latest Canadian immigration news or new immigration announcements as soon as they are out, without any delays.

We are your one-stop destination for all the important verified news and updates related to Canadian immigration, as well as new job openings.

Our business identification number is 311379218, and our entity can be validated with the Ontario Business Registry.

What is our business?

Our business is to provide the latest Canadian immigration news, similar to leading Canadian news providers.

We earn the revenue to support our operations from programmatic ads that are served on the site.

These programmatic ads are served by a third party without any say from INC – Immigration News Canada.

As a result, we earn money from the readers who support the platform and get the latest news and updates for free.

If anyone reaches out as an Immigration News Canada or INC News representative offering guaranteed job or visa to Canada, please do not pay any money.

We want INC to stay independent and available for paid promotion to all the market players. You can promote your brand or business at

Furthermore, we are also open to volunteer content writers who want to earn experience and learn writing skills.

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Market Presence!

INC – Immigration News Canada was ranked #2 among immigration and visa websites in Canada by Similarweb in the month of June 2022.

This was a prestigious moment for INC, with all the other players having been in the market for more than 25 years.

Website rankings

Recently, INC – Immigration News Canada has been ranked #3 among the most popular immigration and visa websites in Canada for the month of October 2023, as per SimilarWeb. 👇

INC - Immigration News Canada

INC – Immigration News Canada quarter-on-quarter performance

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The foundation stone of our useful platform was laid in September 2021 with the sole aim of conveying the latest important news and updates regarding Canadian immigration, keeping the actual meaning intact rather than reading between the lines.

The seed for our platform was sown to bust all the misinformation and ongoing immigration fraud across all the social media platforms.

We took the initiative to provide authentic and precise news regarding Canadian Immigration that can be verified from a reliable source.

Our articles are also aimed at educating Canada aspirants against immigration frauds.

Your Trust is Our Pride. This is what we strive for and commit to provide correct and factual news related to immigration for Canada.

This is the reason we have gained popularity in Canada and around the globe. We became the fastest source of immigration news/updates which people can rely on.

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We Are Against The Click-Bait

We are totally against click-bait posts/news/videos. This is the reason that we are no longer using thumbnails on our YouTube videos.

We try to post our news with 100% accuracy and try to make them intriguing, but in a sense that it is not clickbait.

Our effort is always to provide accurate and precise news/updates/details from reliable and authentic sources, that can be verified.

We also emphasize providing our interpretation and analysis of the latest announcements, changes, and developments in immigration.

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Our Team

Kamal Deep Singh (MSc, B.Ed.)

Founder, CEO, and Managing Editor of INC – Immigration News Canada laid the seed by reporting the latest immigration news & updates as soon as the news or new development is announced by the government.

He is the first one all over the world as well as in Canada to understand that news should be available in multiple languages for better understanding.

Canada is a diverse country with immigrants coming from multiple backgrounds. As a result, he started the initiative of offering Google translator on all of the websites’ articles.

Please note that English version is the most accurate, Google translator is to understand the meaning of any word or sentences for better assimilation of information.

With more interest in news publishing, he manages the content at INC – Immigration News Canada that actually benefit the readers, rather than his immigration business at INC VISA

Gagandeep Kaur Sekhon (Registered Nurse)

Volunteer content writer at INC, she writes on the topics that affect the immigrants already in Canada as well as the interest of people interested in Canadian immigration.

INC feels humble and thankful for her initiative to contribute the content and ideas on our platform.

Her volunteering stemmed from the experience that she had during her journey from international student to becoming a proud Canadian citizen.

Shanvi Kaur

Content writer, Shanvi joined INC at much needed time to maximize the reach of quality content.

Here articles and approach is aimed at reaching and connecting with ground reality.

She emphasizes on articles that help newcomers in settling and finding a career in diverse Canada.

Additionally, she writes on new announcements from the Canadian government that help immigrants in their journey.

She focuses on resourceful articles that help them integrate, settle, and secure a job in Canada.

Shivika Adhwaryu

Content writer at INC, Shivika strive on daily basis to bring the latest in news that is or may or will affect the immigrants in Canada as well as future Canada aspirants. Her articles are information-packed to ensure that every minute detail reaches our readers.

Furthermore, she also makes sure that all the doubts are proactively answered in her articles and information is authentic from IRCC. Her research is plausible without any bias and based only on the publicly available facts.