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Is IRCC Having Split Team For Processing Old & New Files?

IRCC is currently dealing with around 2 million backlog of applications. We believe IRCC offices might have divided their staff to handle old applications and new incoming applications. There is possibility that visa processing staff might have been divided into two teams. One responsible for processing backlog and second to handle new applications. Furthermore, it could be possible that staff has been instructed to work on clearing backlog, but also process certain amount of new applications.

This could be the case for the applications that can now be applied online or there is new portal to apply. Following are the reasons why we believe so and most of the immigration consultants/lawyers may agree:

  • Gap in labor market of Canada. IRCC minister, Sean Fraser tabled immigration levels plan for 2022-2024 on February 14, 2022. This plan slated recovery of welcoming Federal High Skilled Express Category by 2024. This could indicate that more resources are devoted to process backlog of TR to PR program and once more staff is available IRCC may resume FHS draws. Sean Fraser also admitted stating “I can reassure you, we’re looking at resuming draws in the near term on the Canadian experience class.”
  • IRCC Minister in a recent interview admitted that he is dealing with backlog as well as race for global talent. Mr. Fraser has plan to deal with backlog and encourage newcomers with $85 million investment as per latest economic fiscal update. He said that IRCC is committed hire more staff, digitize operations, and increase Canada’s intake of new residents.

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  • IRCC updates processing status for applications already in progress every week on their website. Although, this update is for “MOST” of the applications, not for “ALL” the applications, but our viewers/readers have different opinion. Some of them are in agreement with the timeline, but some have reported that either they or their known applicants have applied prior to that timeline and not heard anything. And, some have reported that they have already received decision and applied after the current processing timeline.

  • A lot of fuss about PR cards, but our PR card applicants received their cards within 4-5 months of applying in later part of 2021. This are not the IRCC processing standard for PR cards, but still we can say that processing timeline has improved.

These are the reasons why we believe IRCC might have split team for processing old and new files.

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