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5 Cover Letter Tips That Will Land You A Job!

Cover letter plays an important role in most job applications. In addition to focusing on your work experience, use the cover letter to highlight qualities that separate you from others. Here are 5 tips to write a good cover letter.

Make a strong opening paragraph 

Your cover letter opening should grab the attention of the hiring manager. There is no need to begin with, your name, as the hiring manager can already see it but mention the position you are applying for. Keep your introduction to the point and job-relevant. Explain why you are interested in the position and the company in your opening paragraph. 

Explain why you are a great fit for the job 

Convey why you are the right fit for the position, including explaining what you’ll bring to the position and the company. First, study the job description to understand the company’s requirements for the role. Usually, the top pointers indicate the skills the company is looking to hire.

Next, extract the required skills from the job description and explain how your background, experience, and abilities align with the position. Exhibit three to five skills you can offer that are relevant to the job

Tailor your cover letter to the position 

Customize each cover letter according to the company and job description. It shows the hiring manager that you researched the company and are interested in the position. On the other hand, using a recycled cover letter may seem like it is just another position for you. 

Include relevant experience 

Do not repeat your resume; it highlights your experience and the things you have done. In comparison, use your cover letter to explain what you can offer and why you are the best fit for the role. Instead of narrating everything you have done, emphasize the company’s needs and how you can contribute as a problem-solver.

Keep education history minimal

Additionally, employers care about your work experience. Therefore, you don’t need to expand on your educational history in more than one or two sentences. Unless you are a recent graduate and don’t have relevant work experience. However, most people applying for the job will have an undergraduate degree.

Therefore, work experience becomes the distinguishing feature amongst applicants, which is why you should emphasize it. Nevertheless, if you hold a master’s or a Ph.D., mention it in your cover letter to highlight your dedication to the field. Yet, the workplace experience continues to be more valuable.

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