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Latest Update On Processing By IRCC As Of February 15!

Latest Update On Processing By IRCC

Latest update on processing by IRCC: This video provides weekly update on official processing timeline as updated by IRCC on their website every week. For ground reality, please comment at end of this post to let us know, if your application was submitted prior to this timeline and you haven’t heard anything from IRCC (Inappropriate comments will be removed and do not share your UCI). If you are watching this video, then you should understand following things:

  • Information in this video is purely from IRCC official website and gives an idea on which applications IRCC is currently working on.
  • The dates in the video reflects timeline for 80% of the applications. It is general update for “MOST” of the applications in process, not “ALL” of the applications.
  • This video provides the update for which IRCC in Canada is responsible, whereas all other outside Canada applications update is not provided as it’s difficult to determine processing for each and every country.
  • The dates or weeks mentioned in this video are the the dates of weeks on/during which IRCC received your application, not the day you hired your representative/consult or submitted the file.
  • If you applied before the date corresponding to your visa category and you still haven’t heard anything regarding your application, then:

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  1. Your application is complex than what normally IRCC was expecting, but not to worry IRCC may contact you to clear that complexity. So, expect delays.
  2. You should check your GC key or official email ID for update on processing.
  3. IRCC has also mentioned that there is delay in processing due to COVID-19 and they are prioritizing applications from people who are exempt from travel restrictions.
  4. Some people may also be victim of fraud, so ask your consultant for UCI number or proof that they actually applied for your visa.

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1. IRCC official website link:

2. Create an online account:

3. Link for online tool:

4. Check online status:

5. Link paper application to your online account:

6. How to check eTA status:

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