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Caregiver Streams – Latest On Processing In 2 Years Of COVID

Our readers and viewers have reached out multiple times for an update on Caregiver Streams. We always felt helpless as we didn’t had any official verifiable update for our patrons. However, ATIP expert and famous immigration lawyer, Steven Meurens shared an ATIP outcome and it was only focused on Caregivers applications in processing. He shared number of applications received and processed between 2019 to October 27, 2021. The official ATIP result provided following information:

  1. Applications received from 2019 to October 2021 under Home Child Care Provider Pilot and applications processed during the same time period.
  2. It also included applications withdrawn and rejected as well as total processed and admissions.

As per the ATIP data, this category seems to be most hit by the pandemic with only around 6% applications processed and in approximately 3% applications approved in almost 2 years. Splitting it further, Home Child Care Pilot has higher approval rate with 3.60% approval rate. This rate of approval for Home Support Worker Pilot was at 1.99%.

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IRCC processed only 632 applications from 2019 to October 28, 2021. Out of 632, 327 were approvals, 132 were refusals, and 173 were withdrawals. Splitting it further, IRCC process 458 Home Child Care Pilot applications and 174 for Home Support Worker Pilot. 262 approvals for Child Care and 65 approvals for Support Worker in 2 years.

6,766 Home Child Care Pilot applications are still in progress awaiting their fate. 3,084 applications are waiting for being processed under Home Support Worker Pilot. We can say that this is the most hit area of immigration during the pandemic; although, processing is sluggish for all the the immigration categories.

This stream seems to be least priority for IRCC after entrepreneur stream. Applicants may have to wait more for their application approval. IRCC should prioritize this stream given that these are already 5-year programs. Most of these applicants are also waiting to be reunite with their family. These programs are their only hope, but applicants are in limbo.

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