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Official Alberta PNP Express Entry Selection Criteria For 2023

Last Updated On 26 June 2023, 11:23 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

On March 28, 2023 the Alberta PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) officially known as AAIP (Alberta Advantage Immigration Program) shared stream-wise allocation and Express Entry selection criteria for 2023.

Each year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) establishes the maximum number of nomination certificates that the AAIP may issue.

In 2023, the AAIP will be able to award 9,750 nomination certificates, divided between Express Entry and non-Express Entry paths.

Furthermore, this allocation is officially projected to increase to more than 10,000 nomination in 2024 and 2025.

Alberta PNP (AAIP) Processing Update

AAIP StreamApplications in queueAllocations remainingProcessing timeAAIP is assessing applications received before…
Alberta Opportunity StreamApproximately 1,545Approximately 3,310 allocationsApproximately 4 monthsDecember 28, 2022
Alberta Express Entry Stream – General (includes in-demand occupation with Alberta relative)Approximately 175Approximately 2,342 allocationsApproximately 3 monthsFebruary 19, 2023
Alberta Express Entry Stream – Accelerated Tech PathwayApproximately 190Approximately 655 allocationsApproximately 1 monthMarch 18, 2023
Rural Renewal StreamApproximately 115Approximately 515 allocationsApproximately 1 monthFebruary 15, 2023
StreamExpression of Interest (EOI) scoring (estimated) – from when EOI is submitted to scoring completedBusiness Application decision (estimated) – from when a complete business application is received until a support letter is issuedFinal report and nomination (estimated) – from when final report is submitted until a final nomination decision is issued
Graduate Entrepreneur Stream1 month5 months4 months
Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream1 month5 months4 months
Rural Entrepreneur Stream1 month5 months4 months
AAIP StreamProcessing time (estimated average) – from when a complete application is submitted until a final decision is issued
Farm Stream4 months

Alberta PNP (AAIP) 2023 Nomination Allocations by stream

In 2023, AAIP has already issued 1,711 nomination certificates. Below is the official summary of nomination allocation this year.

Non-Express Entry Streams – 4,875 nominations

StreamNomination Allocation
Alberta Opportunity Stream4,240
Rural Renewal Stream630
All (4) Entrepreneur streams5

Express Entry Streams – 4,875 nominations

StreamNomination Allocation
Family Connection and Occupation in Demand1,219
Accelerated Tech Pathway1,219
Sector Priorities (that is, health care, construction, agriculture, hospitality and tourism)2,437

AAIP Express Entry Selection Criteria 2023

The AAIP analyses available applicants in the federal Express Entry pool on a regular basis. The AAIP chooses applicants directly from the pool based on available profile information.

Following this an invitation is sent to the selected Express Entry profiles to submit a completed application to the AAIP.

However, Express Entry profiles with eligible Tech Occupations can fill out Accelerated Tech Pathway form to be considered for the upcoming draws.

The below listed criteria will be used by the Alberta Express Entry Stream draws for 2023:

  • 25% of nominations will go to Express Entry profiles in high-demand occupations/NOCs who have a close familial connection (parent, child, brother or sister) in Alberta.
  • 50% of nominations will be provided to people with a primary vocation in the health care, construction, agricultural, hospitality and tourist sectors, with priority given to those having an Alberta job offer.
  • 25% AAIP nominations are reserved for the Accelerated Tech Pathway.

AAIP Express Entry Draws 2023

Date of drawNumber of InvitationsDraw CriteriaComprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score
March 9, 2023134Family connection and primary occupation in demand, CRS score 300-500301
February 16, 2023100Family connection and primary occupation in demand, CRS score 300-500357
January 23, 2023154Family connection and primary occupation in demand, CRS score 300-500385
January 19, 202346Family connection and primary occupation in demand, CRS score 300-500324

AAIP Express Entry Draws 2022

Alberta PNP Express Entry Draws 2022


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