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New Alberta PNP Quota For 2023 Increases By 50%

Last Updated On 25 February 2023, 7:43 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Alberta PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) officially known as Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) will be able to issue 50% more nominations in 2023.

As per the official news release from Alberta government, AAIP will be welcoming 9,750 permanent residents (PRs) in 2023, 10,140 in 2024, and 10,849 in 2025.

This quota was just at 6,500 for 2022 which seemed quite less and was easily filled last year, such that there was no Alberta Express Entry draw for 4 months after July 2022.

We can say Alberta is just the beginning, similar increase in PNP quota may be seen for other Canadian provinces as well.

Common immigration streams offered by Alberta

As of February 14, 2023 AAIP already has more than 1,740 applications in queue under different streams as mentioned below.

AAIP StreamNumber of applications in the queue (approximate)The AAIP is assessing applications received before (approximate)
Alberta Opportunity StreamApproximately 1310November 25, 2022
Applications submitted after Nov 25 are not yet assigned to an officer for review.
Alberta Express Entry StreamApproximately 430These applications are treated as an Expression of Interest and are not reviewed based on date of submission.Accelerated Tech Pathway applications are priority processed.
Rural Renewal StreamNot available due to low application volumes.Not available due to low application volumes.

Below is the list of occupations with high volume of applications in AAIP streams. So processing of these applications may take longer.

  • 62020 – Food service supervisors
  • 62010 – Retail sales supervisors
  • 63200 – Cooks
  • 21231 – Software engineers and designers
  • 13110 – Administrative assistants
  • 42202 – Early childhood educators and assistants
  • 21222 – Information systems specialists
  • 73300 – Transport truck drivers
  • 21232 – Software developers and programmers
  • 60030 – Restaurant and food service managers

Major Reasons for the increase

Alberta’s economy is expanding and there are over 100,000 vacant jobs in the province, so the province requires more skilled immigrants.

Furthermore, it is forecasted that there will be a shortage of 33,100 workers a range of jobs, skill levels, and industries by 2025.

Also, Alberta is the top choice by immigrants already in Canada based on affordability and latest Statistics Canada data on interprovincial migration within Canada.

As per Rajan Sawhney (Alberta’s Minister Immigration), Alberta needs more immigrants who can help to grow the communities, address labour shortages in key sectors, and help continue Alberta’s economic success.

Furthermore, he said that he has been requesting federal government for many months for an increase in Alberta’s nomination numbers and is finally pleased that his request has been heard.


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