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Latest Express Entry Draw 2023 | New Rounds of Invitations

express entry draw

The latest IRCC Express Entry draw on October 26, 2023, sent out 3,600 PR invitations targeted at 35 healthcare occupations. The CRS cutoff score was one of the lowest at 431.

Also on October 25, 2023, IRCC issued 300 permanent residency invitations in a Francophile draw. CRS cutoff score: 486.

Previously, on October 24, 2023, IRCC sent out 1,548 invitations to apply for permanent residency (PR) in a ‘PNP only’ round of invitations.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cutoff score of the lowest-ranked candidate was 776 in this ‘PNP’-only draw.

Below are the full details of the latest Express Entry draws last week, as well as all the draws in 2023 and the next draw prediction.

October 26, 2023October 25, 2023October 24, 2023
EE programTargeted for 35 Healthcare
French speakers
with minimum score of 7
Provincial Nominee Program
Number of
CRS Score
Tie-Breaking RuleMay 24, 2023 at 19:47:51 UTCSeptember 30, 2023 at 04:22:17 AM UTCJuly 07, 2023 at 07:28:57 UTC
Latest Express Entry Draw 2023

Click here for full list of 35 healthcare occupations eligible for Express Entry draws.

Canada has now issued a total of 95,221 invitations to apply in 35 Express Entry draws.

Out of these, 70,625 ITAs were issued in ‘no program specified’ rounds of invitations.

IRCC is now expected to announce STEM rounds of invitations in the coming weeks.

Recently, IRCC added more occupations to the list of occupations eligible for 50 additional CRS points with a certificate of qualification.

Click here for the complete list of 100 professions that can now receive 50 extra CRS points for a certificate of qualification.

The IRCC also introduced its first-ever skilled trades draw last month, targeted at 10 select occupations with the lowest cutoff score of 388.

Click here to see the full list of 10 Skilled Trades occupations with their NOC codes.

Latest Express Entry CRS Score distribution

CRS score rangeNumber of candidates
CRS Score distribution in pool – October 23

CRS Score Trend In 2023

Immigration ProgramTotal
CRS Score
CRS Score
CRS Score
Agriculture and Agri-food draw600354354354
Transport-targeted draw1,000435435435
Trades Targeted Draw1,500388388388
Targeted Draw for French Speakers 7,400441375486
STEM Targeted Draw500486486486
Healthcare Targeted Draw5,600456431476
No Program Specified70,625497481531
Provincial Nominee Program4,396748691791
Federal Skilled Worker3,300489489489
CRS Score Trend In 2023
express entry draw

Analysis and Next Express Entry Draw 2023 Prediction (Updated every Friday)

With the targeted Express Entry draw for transport and agriculture/agri-food occupations, IRCC has now completed the task of holding at least one of all the different category-based draws in 2023.

Now we are witnessing the repetition of category-based draws and chances are high that we could see STEM-targeted draws in the coming weeks.

IRCC has not announced any rounds of invitations since October 26 and the cutoff score is expected to rise for all the categories, as well as for no program-specified draws.

We may see a level of CRS cutoff between 515 and 531 depending on the size of all program Express Entry draw.

A total of 30,725 invitations to apply have been issued in 17 Express Entry draws since the introduction of targeted draws.

Overall it is good that the majority of invitations were under ‘no program specified’ draws.

Draw TypeInvitationsPercentage of total invitations
No program’ draw Invitations since introduction of targeted Draws17,72549.00%
Francophone invitations7,70021.29%
Healthcare invitations5,60015.48%
PNP only15484.28%
Trade invitations1,5004.15%
Transport invitations1,0002.76%
Agriculture and agri-food invitations6001.66%
STEM invitations5001.38%

So the picture is becoming clearer on the implementation of targeted draws and the continuation of all program draws.

IRCC Express Entry draws continue to be competitive and there seems to be quite a bit of hope for profiles with a CRS score less than 495 and not qualifying for category-based rounds of invitations.

Profiles with less than 495 CRS scores should focus on improving their profile by getting a certificate of qualification, improving language scores, gaining more experience, etc.

Check out 6 ways to increase your CRS score. 👇

We still expect that IRCC will continue ‘no program specified’ and targeted draws this year in the upcoming weeks.

Among the category-based draws, we are now expecting to see significant-sized STEM and healthcare-targeted draws, along with Francophile draws.

Our expectation is that Express Entry draws for Transport, Agriculture/Agri-food, and Trades would be less frequent as compared to the francophone category.

For all program draws, we are expecting the CRS cutoff score to be above 510 until or unless IRCC continues the streak of back-to-back ‘no program specified’ rounds of invitations.

An important thing to watch out for is the number of rounds of invitations in the upcoming weeks, which will determine the CRS cutoffs.

There are definitely high chances of another STEM and healthcare-targeted round of invitations in the upcoming draws.

Our General Advice

Check out the complete list of 100 professions that can receive 50 extra CRS points for a certificate of qualification, which the IRCC updated on September 8, 2023.

Our advice for eligible applicants continues: to create their Express Entry profile as soon as possible, even if their occupation is not on the list of targeted categories, and then try for PNPs.

If you are someone already with a valid profile in the Express entry pool, but your spouse has at least 6-month experience in one of these 82 eligible occupations for targeted draws and your overall CRS score is less than 480, then make them your primary applicant, even if your overall CRS score drops to near 450–430.

Candidates with at least 6-month experience in one of these occupations who have not yet created a profile: What are you waiting for? Create your profile asap.

We are also updating our prediction for the next Express Entry draw cutoff as below:

Next Express Entry Draw CRS Score prediction (Updated every Friday)

ProgramCRS Cutoff
Transport targeted draw431
French focused draw486
STEM Targeted Draw490
Healthcare Targeted Draw435
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)740
No Program Specified530+
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)494
Federal Skilled Trades (FST)Not enough latest data
Next Express Entry Draw CRS Score prediction

Disclaimer: The Express Entry draw prediction is just speculation based on the available information and historical data; there is no confirmation from the IRCC. This is what INC News expects, but it may not happen the same way.

Express Entry 2023 Processing Time

Check out the latest Express Entry processing times as of November 16, 2023. Furthermore, check the comparison with the previous week.

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange since October 6
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)5 monthsNo Change
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)5 months-1 month
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)(not updated
by IRCC since March 1
there could be no application
in processing for FSTP as of now
No Change
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) via Express Entry8 monthsNo Change

Express Entry Draw History Since 2015

Express Entry Draws 2023
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cutoff
268October 10, 2023No Program Specified3,725500
267September 28, 2023Agriculture and agri-food occupations600354
266September 27, 2023Targeted for French speakers
with minimum score of 7
265September 26, 2023No Program Specified3,000504
264September 20, 2023Targeted for Transport occupations1,000435
263September 19, 2023No Program Specified3,200531
262August 15, 2023No Program Specified4,300496
261August 3, 2023Targeted draw for 10 Trade occupations1,500388
260August 2, 2023Targeted for French speakers
with minimum score of 7
259August 1, 2023No Program Specified2,000517
258July 12, 2023Targeted for French speakers
with minimum score of 7
257July 11, 2023No Program Specified800505
256July 7, 2023Targeted for French speakers
with minimum score of 7
255July 6, 2023Targeted for 35 Healthcare
254July 5, 2023Targeted for 24 STEM occupations500486
253July 4, 2023No Program Specified700511
252June 28, 2023Targeted for 35 Healthcare
251June 27, 2023No Program Specified4,300476
250June 8, 2023No Program Specified4,800486
249May 24, 2023No Program Specified4,800488
248May 10, 2023Provincial Nominee Program589691
247April 26, 2023No Program Specified3,500483
246April 12, 2023No Program Specified3,500486
245March 30, 2023No Program Specified7,000481
244March 23, 2023No Program Specified7,000484
243March 15, 2023No Program Specified7,000490
242March 1, 2023Provincial Nominee Program667748
241February 15, 2023Provincial Nominee Program699791
240February 2, 2023Federal Skilled Worker3,300489
239February 1, 2023Provincial Nominee Program893733
238January 18, 2023No Program Specified5,500490
237January 11, 2023No Program Specified5,500507
Express Entry Draws 2023
Express Entry Draws 2022
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
No Program Specified35,750515491557
Provincial Nominee Program10,789756733791
Federal Skilled WorkerN/AN/AN/AN/A
Canadian Experience Class N/AN/AN/AN/A
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off

November 23, 2022No Program Specified4,750491
235November 9, 2022No Program Specified4,750494
234October 26, 2022No Program Specified4,750496
233October 12, 2022No Program Specified4,250500
232September 28, 2022No Program Specified3,750504
231September 14, 2022No Program Specified3,250510
230August 31, 2022No Program Specified2,750516
229August 17, 2022No Program Specified2,250525
228August 3, 2022No Program Specified2,000533
227July 20, 2022No Program Specified1,750542
226July 6, 2022No Program Specified1,500557
225June 22, 2022Provincial Nominee Program636752
224June 8, 2022Provincial Nominee Program932796
223May 25, 2022Provincial Nominee Program590741
222May 11, 2022Provincial Nominee Program545753
221April 27, 2022Provincial Nominee Program829772
220April 13, 2022Provincial Nominee Program787782
219March 30, 2022Provincial Nominee Program919785
218March 16, 2022Provincial Nominee Program924754
217March 2, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,047761
216February 16, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,082710
215February 2, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,070674
214January 19, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,036745
213January 5, 2022Provincial Nominee Program392808
Express Entry Draws 2021
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
Canadian Experience Class99,65338775462
No Program SpecifiedN/AN/AN/AN/A
Provincial Nominee Program14,571736682813
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
212December 22, 2021Provincial Nominee Program746720
211December 10, 2021Provincial Nominee Program1,032698
210November 24, 2021Provincial Nominee Program613737
209November 10, 2021Provincial Nominee Program775685
208October 27, 2021Provincial Nominee Program681744
207October 13, 2021Provincial Nominee Program681720
206September 29, 2021Provincial Nominee Program761742
205September 15, 2021Provincial Nominee Program521732
204September 14, 2021Canadian Experience Class2,000462
203September 1, 2021Provincial Nominee Program635764
202August 19, 2021Canadian Experience Class3,000403
201August 18, 2021Provincial Nominee Program463751
200August 5, 2021Canadian Experience Class3,000404
199August 4, 2021Provincial Nominee Program512760
198July 22, 2021Canadian Experience Class4,500357
197July 21, 2021Provincial Nominee Program462734
196July 8, 2021Canadian Experience Class4,500369
195July 7, 2021Provincial Nominee Program627760
194June 24, 2021Canadian Experience Class6,000357
193June 23, 2021Provincial Nominee Program1,002742
192June 10, 2021Canadian Experience Class6,000368
191June 9, 2021Provincial Nominee Program940711
190May 31, 2021Canadian Experience Class5,956380
189May 26, 2021Provincial Nominee Program500713
188May 20, 2021Canadian Experience Class1,842397
187May 13, 2021Canadian Experience Class4,147401
186May 12, 2021Provincial Nominee Program557752
185April 29, 2021Canadian Experience Class6,000400
184April 28, 2021Provincial Nominee Program381717
183April 16, 2021Canadian Experience Class6,000417
182April 14, 2021Provincial Nominee Program266753
181April 1, 2021Canadian Experience Class5,000432
180March 31, 2021Provincial Nominee Program284778
179March 18, 2021Canadian Experience Class5,000449
178March 17, 2021Provincial Nominee Program183682
177March 8, 2021Provincial Nominee Program671739
176February 13, 2021Canadian Experience Class27,33275
175February 10, 2021Provincial Nominee Program654720
174January 21, 2021Canadian Experience Class4,626454
173January 20, 2021Provincial Nominee Program374741
172January 7, 2021Canadian Experience Class4,750461
171January 6, 2021Provincial Nominee Program250813
Express Entry Draws 2020
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
Canadian Experience Class34,215449431467
No Program Specified7,556472.25468478
Provincial Nominee Program7,290729687808
Federal Skilled Trades250415415415
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
170December 23, 2020No Program Specified5,000468
169December 9, 2020No Program Specified5,000469
168November 25, 2020No Program Specified5,000469
167November 18, 2020No Program Specified5,000472
166November 5, 2020No Program Specified4,500478
165October 14, 2020No Program Specified4,500471
164September 30, 2020No Program Specified4,200471
163September 16, 2020No Program Specified4,200472
162September 2, 2020No Program Specified4,200475
161August 20, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,300454
160August 19, 2020Provincial Nominee Program600771
159August 6, 2020Federal Skilled Trades250415
158August 5, 2020No Program Specified3,900476
157July 23, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,343445
156July 22, 2020Provincial Nominee Program557687
155July 8, 2020No Program Specified3,900478
154June 25, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,508431
153June 24, 2020Provincial Nominee Program392696
152June 11, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,559437
151June 10, 2020Provincial Nominee Program341743
150May 28, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,515440
149May 27, 2020Provincial Nominee Program385757
148May 14, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,371447
147May 13, 2020Provincial Nominee Program529718
146April 30, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,311452
145April 29, 2020Provincial Nominee Program589692
144April 16, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,782455
143April 15, 2020Provincial Nominee Program118808
142April 9, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,294464
141April 9, 2020Provincial Nominee Program606698
140March 23, 2020Canadian Experience Class3,232467
139March 18, 2020Provincial Nominee Program668720
138March 4, 2020No Program Specified3,900471
137February 19, 2020No Program Specified4,500470
136February 5, 2020No Program Specified3,500472
135January 22, 2020No Program Specified3,400471
134January 8, 2020No Program Specified3,400473
Express Entry Draws 2019
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
No Program Specified84,300459438475
Federal Skilled Trades1,000344332357
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
133December 19, 2019No Program Specified3,200469
132December 11, 2019No Program Specified3,200472
131November 27, 2019No Program Specified3,600471
130November 13, 2019No Program Specified3,600472
129October 30, 2019No Program Specified3,900475
128October 16, 2019Federal Skilled Trades500357
127October 2, 2019No Program Specified3,900464
126September 18, 2019No Program Specified3,600462
125September 4, 2019No Program Specified3,600463
124August 20, 2019No Program Specified3,600457
123August 12, 2019No Program Specified3,600466
122July 24, 2019No Program Specified3,600459
121July 10, 2019No Program Specified3,600460
120June 26, 2019No Program Specified3,350462
119June 12, 2019No Program Specified3,350465
118May 29, 2019No Program Specified3,350470
117May 15, 2019Federal Skilled Trades500332
116May 1, 2019No Program Specified3,350450
115April 17, 2019No Program Specified3,350451
114April 3, 2019No Program Specified3,350451
113March 20, 2019No Program Specified3,350452
112March 6, 2019No Program Specified3,350454
111February 20, 2019No Program Specified3,350457
110January 30, 2019No Program Specified3,350438
109January 23, 2019No Program Specified3,900443
108January 9, 2019No Program Specified3,900449
Express Entry Draws 2018
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
No Program Specified88,700443439456
Federal Skilled Trades900286284288
Provincial Nominee Program200902902902
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
107December 19, 2018No Program Specified3,900439
106December 12, 2018No Program Specified3,900445
105November 28, 2018No Program Specified3,900445
104November 14, 2018No Program Specified3,900449
103October 29, 2018No Program Specified3,900442
102October 15, 2018No Program Specified3,900440
101October 3, 2018No Program Specified3,900445
100September 24, 2018Federal Skilled Trades400284
99September 19, 2018No Program Specified3,500441
98September 5, 2018No Program Specified3,900440
97August 22, 2018No Program Specified3,750440
96August 8, 2018No Program Specified3,750440
95July 25, 2018No Program Specified3,750441
94July 11, 2018No Program Specified3,750442
93June 25, 2018No Program Specified3,750442
92June 13, 2018No Program Specified3,750451
91bMay 30, 2018Provincial Nominee Program200902
91aMay 30, 2018Federal Skilled Trades500288
90May 23, 2018No Program Specified3,500440
89May 9, 2018No Program Specified3,500441
88April 25, 2018No Program Specified3,500441
87April 11, 2018No Program Specified3,500444
86March 26, 2018No Program Specified3,000446
85March 14, 2018No Program Specified3,000456
84February 21, 2018No Program Specified3,000442
83February 7, 2018No Program Specified3,000442
82January 24, 2018No Program Specified2,750444
81January 10, 2018No Program Specified2,750446
Express Entry Draws 2017
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
No Program Specified85,590438413468
Federal Skilled Trades440220199241
Provincial Nominee Program433724673775
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
80December 20, 2017No Program Specified2,750446
79December 6, 2017No Program Specified2,750452
78November 15, 2017No Program Specified2,750439
77November 8, 2017No Program Specified2,000458
76November 1, 2017Federal Skilled Trades505241
75November 1, 2017Provincial Nominee Program290673
74October 18, 2017No Program Specified2,757436
73October 4, 2017No Program Specified2,801438
72September 20, 2017No Program Specified2,871433
71September 6, 2017No Program Specified2,772435
70August 23, 2017No Program Specified3,035434
69August 9, 2017No Program Specified2,991433
68August 2, 2017No Program Specified3,264441
67July 12, 2017No Program Specified3,202440
66June 28, 2017No Program Specified3,409449
65May 31, 2017No Program Specified3,877413
64May 26, 2017Federal Skilled Trades400199
63May 26, 2017Provincial Nominee Program143775
62May 17, 2017No Program Specified3,687415
61May 4, 2017No Program Specified3,796423
60April 19, 2017No Program Specified3,665415
59April 12, 2017No Program Specified3,923423
58April 5, 2017No Program Specified3,753431
57March 24, 2017No Program Specified3,749441
56March 1, 2017No Program Specified3,884434
55February 22, 2017No Program Specified3,611441
54February 8, 2017No Program Specified3,644447
53January 25, 2017No Program Specified3,508453
52January 11, 2017No Program Specified3,334459
51January 4, 2017No Program Specified2,902468
Express Entry Draws 2016
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
No Program Specified33,223480453538
Provincial Nominee Program559786786786
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
50December 22, 2016No Program Specified2,878475
49December 16, 2016No Program Specified1,936497
48November 30, 2016Provincial Nominee Program559786
47November 16, 2016No Program Specified2,427470
46November 2, 2016No Program Specified2,080472
45October 19, 2016No Program Specified1,804475
44October 12, 2016No Program Specified1,518484
43September 21, 2016No Program Specified1,288483
42September 7, 2016No Program Specified1,000491
41August 24, 2016No Program Specified750538
40August 10, 2016No Program Specified754490
39July 27, 2016No Program Specified755488
38July 13, 2016No Program Specified747482
37June 29, 2016No Program Specified773482
36June 15, 2016No Program Specified752488
35June 1, 2016No Program Specified762483
34May 18, 2016No Program Specified763484
33May 6, 2016No Program Specified799534
32April 20, 2016No Program Specified1,018468
31April 6, 2016No Program Specified954470
30March 23, 2016No Program Specified1,014470
29March 9, 2016No Program Specified1,013473
28February 24, 2016No Program Specified1,484453
27February 10, 2016No Program Specified1,505459
26January 27, 2016No Program Specified1,468457
25January 13, 2016No Program Specified1,518453
24January 6, 2016No Program Specified1,463461
Express Entry Draws 2015
Immigration ProgramTotal InvitationsAverage CRS ScoreLowest CRS ScoreHighest CRS Score
No Program Specified30,214525450886
Canadian Experience Class849808808808
#DateImmigration programInvitations issuedCRS Cut Off
23December 18, 2015No Program Specified1,503460
22December 4, 2015No Program Specified1,451461
21November 27, 2015No Program Specified1,559472
20November 13, 2015No Program Specified1,506484
19October 23, 2015No Program Specified1,502489
18October 2, 2015No Program Specified1,530450
17September 18, 2015No Program Specified1,545450
16September 8, 2015No Program Specified1,517459
15August 21, 2015No Program Specified1,523456
14August 7, 2015No Program Specified1,402471
13July 17, 2015No Program Specified1,581451
12July 10, 2015No Program Specified1,516463
11June 26, 2015No Program Specified1,575469
10June 12, 2015No Program Specified1,501482
9May 22, 2015No Program Specified1,361755
8April 17, 2015No Program Specified715453
7April 10, 2015No Program Specified925469
6March 27, 2015No Program Specified1,637453
5March 20, 2015No Program Specified1,620481
4February 27, 2015No Program Specified1,187735
3February 20, 2015Canadian Experience Class849808
2February 7, 2015No Program Specified779818
1January 31, 2015No Program Specified779886


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Express Entry Draw FAQs

What is Express Entry Next Draw Prediction?

The next Express Entry Draw is expected to be announced between November 21 and 23, 2023.

Below is our next draw’s CRS cutoff prediction:

Transport targeted draw: 431

French focused draw: 486

STEM Targeted Draw: 490

Healthcare Targeted Draw: 435

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): 740

No Program Specified: 530

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): 494

Federal Skilled Trades (FST): Not enough latest data

When will the next Express Entry draw?

The IRCC is expected to announce the next Express Entry Draw between November 21 and 23, 2023.

Check back later for the latest updates.

What is the latest Express Entry draw for 2023?

The latest Express Entry draw on October 26, 2023, issued 3,600 invitations to apply for permanent residency in the healthcare-targeted draw.

Also on October 25, IRCC sent only 300 permanent residency invitations in a Francophile draw. CRS cutoff score: 486.

Previously, on October 24, Canada sent out 1,548 ITAs to profiles with a CRS score of 776 or above in a ‘PNP’-only round of invitations.

Canada permanent residency Express Entry draw

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