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Ontario PNP Reaches Annual Quota, New Applications Continue For 2023

Last Updated On 23 December 2022, 10:24 AM EST (Toronto Time)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has reached its 2022 nomination quota as of December 22, 2022. Most of the invites went to Skilled Trades Occupations.

Federal Government allocated 9,750 nominations for OINP across all streams for the year of 2022. In an update on December 22, OINP posted that they have issued all the allotted 9,750 nominations for 2022.

The province’s allotment for 2021 was 8,350, with an extra 250 nominations for temporary foreign workers in intermediate skilled occupations (NOC C).

As per OINP update, new applications, as well as applications previously submitted to the OINP, will be accepted and reviewed under the program’s nomination allocation for 2023.

OINP has 5 major streams which eligible candidates can directly apply via Expression Of Interest (EOI). A score is assigned to the profile and a draw is announced with cut off score sending Invitations to Apply (ITA).

Additionally, there are 3 major streams under which OINP invites Express Entry profiles sending them Notification of Interest (NOI) based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Full summary of 2022 Invitations to Apply and Notification of Interests

2022 Invitations To Apply (ITAs)

OINP streamNumber of ITAsMinimum & Maximum Scores range for 2022
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker1,534General Draw: 38 and above
Skilled Trades: 23 and above
Employer Job Offer: International Student1,812General Draw: 59 and above
Skilled Trades: 42 and above
Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills523General Draw: 24 and above
Targeted draw for healthcare, manufacture, select skilled trades: 11 and above
Masters Graduate3,89033 and above
PhD Graduate44516 and above

2022 Notification of Interests (NOIs)

OINP streamNumber of ITAsCRS Score
Minimum & Maximum Range
Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities4,012Tech Draw: 463 and above
Priority Occupations: 455 – 600
Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades7,506General Draw: 266 and above
Targeted Draw: 310 and above
Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker1,539General Draw: 460-467
Targeted Draw: 326 and above

OINP Stream-Wise Processing Times

OINP streamEstimated processing time
Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker70 – 100 days
Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities70 – 100 days
Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades70 – 100 days
Masters Graduate90 – 120 days
PhD Graduate90 – 120 days
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker90 -120 days
Employer Job Offer: International Student90 -120 days
Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills90 -120 days
EntrepreneurExpression of Interest (EOI) Assessment:
Less than 30 daysApplications:
Depends on application complexity

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