OINP To Publish Names That Give False Info w.e.f. May 3!

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OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) will be publishing the names of candidates, employers as well as representatives who provide wrong, inaccurate, and misleading information effective from May 3, 2022. Moreover, there will be a fine for violating the Ontario Immigration Act, 2015, according to an OINP statement.

The Ontario Immigration Act, 2015, requires that all applicants- candidates, employers, and representatives provide the accurate and correct information in their immigration application. Also, no kind of misleading information is accepted in the application. 

Everything You Should Know About the Penalty! 

The Ontario Immigration Act, 2015, requires all candidates to submit only true and accurate information. Any person found violating this Act will face penalties. The penalties differ depending on the case. Some penalties include denying the application or canceling the approval. Also, there might be some prosecution and administrative orders issued as well. These orders can have an applicant- candidate, employer, or representative banned from taking part in the OINP for up to five years. 

Moreover, these orders could also have an Administrative Money Penalty (AMP). The amount of AMP can go up to $150,000 maximum for each violation. Also, this amount must be paid within 60 days of getting served.

There is a formula used to calculate the AMPs-

($2,000 × A × B) + C

Where A stands for the number of administrative penalties that have been imposed on the applicant or the body in the last year 10 years. If nothing else has been imposed, then the number is 1. 

B here stands for the number of people involved in the violation. This is for cases where the application involves multiple people or bodies. If no one else is being convicted, then the number is 1. 

C stands for the total amount of money the applicant or the body has received with reference to the violation, at any point. 

The statement issued by the OINP says that “Publishing contraventions of the Act is an important measure to protect the public and further strengthen the integrity of the program.” 

Therefore, be very careful while submitting your application. Make sure everything is true and accurate. Refrain from submitting any kind of misleading information. 

What is OINP?

In order to meet their human resource needs, employers use the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)to facilitate the immigration of managerial, professional, and skilled foreign workers as well as international students.

In Ontario, the OINP works in partnership with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). IRCC is the federal immigration department of Canada. Anyone who wants to apply has to go through two steps. The first is to apply for nomination to the provincial government. If that works out well, then the applicant needs to apply for a permanent residency to the federal government. 

There are three immigration categories that fall under the OINP. These are- Human Capital, Employer Job Offers, and Business Immigration. These three categories are further divided into various streams. 

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Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com
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