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Manitoba Mar 2023

Manitoba PNP Announces Increase In New Quota For 2023

Last Updated On 10 March 2023, 9:48 AM EST (Toronto Time)

On March 9, Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) commonly known as MPNP announced significant increase in quota for 2023.

All the provinces in Canada receive a set allocation from the immigration department of the Canadian government.

Manitoba’s labour and immigration minister, Jon Reyes shared this information via a press release stating that MPNP will receive 3,175 more nominations this year.

This will be a 50% increase in annual PNP allocation from IRCC for Manitoba. So, Manitoba will be have total annual PNP quota of 9,500 for 2023.

Comparatively, this is almost equal to Alberta PNP allocation which also increased by 50% for 2023.

Focus has now shifted to provinces with Canada immigration levels plan 2023-2025 having a target of welcoming 105,500 immigrants via PNP this year.

So far MPNP has issued 1,549 letter of advice to apply (LAAs) in 4 draws this year, including 50 LAAs in 3 special draws only for Ukrainians.

Reyes said that the Manitoba government firmly supported this increase, which will allow them to utilize immigration even more to expand Manitoba’s economy and satisfy labour market demands in vital areas such as health care.

Further, Minister noted that since the program’s inception in 1998, nearly 185,000 MPNP candidates and their families have moved to the province from all around the world.

Moreover, almost 21,000 immigrants named Manitoba as their anticipated Canadian destination in 2022. And, provincial nominees accounted for 64% of all immigrants who arrived in Manitoba last year.

Manitoba PNP Specific Sector Based Draws

Press release also shared that there will be Sector-Specific MPNP draws as recommended by the Immigration Advisory Council’s report.

These draws will be held in addition to the usual biweekly draw to meet Manitoba’s labour market demands.

Furthermore, this is also in accordance with IRCC Express Entry system moving to new category-based targeted draws this spring.

Reyes said that the immigration programs that bring newcomers to Manitoba help to fulfil corporate demand for labour, which supports Manitoba’s Skills, Talent, and Knowledge Plan.

As a result, all Manitobans benefit from increasing economic success.

Latest Manitoba PNP draw on February 23, 2023 had an occupation-specific part targeting 10 NOC codes listed below, with comparatively low cut off score than general draw.

  1. Transport and transit drivers (7330)
  2. Retail and wholesale trade managers (6002)
  3. Nursing and allied health professionals (3130)
  4. Assisting occupations in education (4310)
  5. Secondary, elementary and kindergarten school teachers (4122)
  6. Hairstylists and estheticians (6321)
  7. Automotive service technicians (7241)
  8. Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services (4220)
  9. Retail salespersons and non-technical wholesale trade sales and account representatives (6410)
  10. Office support and court services occupations (1410)


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