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Manitoba PNP Draw Feb 23

Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Sent 583 New PR Invites

Last Updated On 23 February 2023, 7:44 PM EST (Toronto Time)

February 23 – Manitoba PNP draw (MPNP) sent total of 583 provincial nomination LAAs (Letters of Advice to Apply) under three different streams.

This is the first time that Manitoba held an occupation specific draw under Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) category targeting 10 NOC codes.

207 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) are issued in this targeted draw to the profiles having a score of 615 and above to the below listed occupations.

  1. Transport and transit drivers (7330)
  2. Retail and wholesale trade managers (6002)
  3. Nursing and allied health professionals (3130)
  4. Assisting occupations in education (4310)
  5. Secondary, elementary and kindergarten school teachers (4122)
  6. Hairstylists and estheticians (6321)
  7. Automotive service technicians (7241)
  8. Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services (4220)
  9. Retail salespersons and non-technical wholesale trade sales and account representatives (6410)
  10. Office support and court services occupations (1410)

These are the occupations with the highest predicted labour shortages in Manitoba, as per the Manitoba Labour Market Outlook 2021 – 2025.

Furthermore, 298 LAAs are sent under the general Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) category targeting all the occupations.

SWM Profiles having a score of 693 and above received the invite.

Moving forward, 51 LAAs are issued under the Manitoba’s International Education Stream (IES).

For Skilled Worker Overseas (SWO) stream, only 27 profiles were invited under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative, having a score of 721 and above.

Out of total LAAs, 140 are granted to applicants who reported a valid Express Entry profile number.

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Click here to calculate Score for Skilled Worker Overseas.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

This category offers permanent residency to individuals who demonstrate that a Manitoba company has offered them a long-term, full-time job.

This job offer needs to be after they have completed at least six months (continuous) full-time employment with that company as a temporary foreign worker or international student working graduate.

Self-employed individuals, business owners, owner-operators and individuals providing services as independent contractors are not eligible.

If you graduated from a post-secondary program in another Canadian province, must first have been working for a Manitoba employer for at least one year before applying.

International Education Stream:

  • The Graduate Internship Pathway which need a doctoral or master’s degree program from Manitoba in the last 3 years. But, job offer is not mandatory.
  • The Career Employment Pathway which needs to be graduated in the past 3 years from a DLI. But, 1-year full time job offer is required.
  • The International Student Entrepreneur Pilot which needs a full-time post-secondary program from Manitoba. It must be at least two years in duration. It requires the applicant to be 51% owner in a Manitoban business and actively working as a senior manager for last 6 months before applying.

Language proficiency of CLB 7 is required to apply.

Skilled Workers Overseas:

To apply under this category, candidates must demonstrate an established connection to Manitoba through:

  • the support of family members or friends
  • previous education or work experience in the province
  • an Invitation to Apply received directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Apart from this, you must score at least 60 points based on the five selection factors.

Click here to calculate your score.

Who cannot apply to the Manitoba PNP?


  • Refugee claimants, or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process
  • Live-in Caregivers currently living in Canada
  • Temporary foreign workers currently working and residing in a province other than Manitoba
  • Spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Individuals who have been refused by the MPNP within the last six months and who are not able to address the reason(s) for refusal

How to Apply for Manitoba PNP:

Manitoba PNP does not necessarily requires an Express Entry profile, but need an Expression of Interest to be submitted with Manitoba.

If you are eligible under one of the above mentioned programs, then click here to create an Expression of Interest with Manitoba.


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