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Targeted Express Entry Draws-Know New Categories Proposed By IRCC

Last Updated On 12 January 2023, 11:15 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Canada immigration will be holding targeted Express Entry draws during 2023, in alignment with Bill C19 and immigration minister’s mandate letter by creating different categories.

IRCC shared their official priority and possible new categories for the Express Entry draws targeting at different categories.

The Immigration Department opened feedback on these new categories until January 8, 2023.

Their goal was to hear public opinion on hearing the perspectives on economic immigration. Specifically, they wanted to know which categories should be prioritized.

These new possible categories shared by IRCC gives us an idea of what we can expect in targeted category based Express Entry draws in 2023.

Good news is that IRCC clearly stated that targeted draws will comprise a portion of overall invitations to apply.

Furthermore, they stated that normal Express Entry draws based on the Comprehensive Ranking System scores and individual programs will still continue.

List of possible new categories for targeted Express Entry Draws

IRCC is developing categories for targeted Express Entry draw focusing on:

  • solving chronic labour shortages and planning for the future; and
  • encouraging Francophone immigration and economic growth in Francophone minority areas.

1. Selecting candidates based on work experience in a particular occupation or sector

A proposed Express Entry category for selection that involves work experience in specific occupation or sectors having chronic labor shortages.

Between 2019 and 2021, the most popular primary occupations invited to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry were:

  • food service supervisors
  • administrative assistants
  • financial auditors and accountants
  • retail sales supervisors
  • software engineers and designers
  • professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
  • cooks
  • computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • information systems analysts and consultants
  • user support technicians
  • restaurant and food service managers
  • administrative officers

2. Transitioning international student graduates to permanent residence

A prospective Express Entry category focusing on overseas student graduates might respond more immediately to key shortages that remain across several industries and vocations.

Graduates holding a degree or diploma in in-demand disciplines from a Designated Learning Institution, for example, might fall into this group.

International student graduates are also well-positioned for permanent economic immigration since they are fluent in at least one official language, have Canadian educational credentials, and job experience.

3. Transitioning temporary foreign workers to permanent residence

A category for selection in Express Entry focusing on transferring talented temporary foreign workers, like with international students, might increase response to chronic economic demands.

Temporary employees are strong candidates for permanent residence since they may find work in their industries (i.e., better job-skills match).

Requiring experience in a high-demand profession may alleviate the most pressing shortages.

4. Selecting Francophone and bilingual candidates

IRCC may assist fill ongoing labour shortages in Francophone minority areas by developing a category for Express Entry selection based on fluency in French and expertise in in-demand sectors or vocations.

Increases in the number of French-speaking individuals accepted through Express Entry might boost economic growth in Francophone minority areas.

Source: IRCC

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