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New Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023 - 2025

New Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Last Updated On 21 February 2023, 2:04 PM EST (Toronto Time)

IRCC reveals new Canada Immigration Levels Plan for 2023 – 2025 today. This is an important announcement for Canada aspirants looking forward to make their home in the country.

Previously, Canada announced record immigration targets for 2022 – 2024.

3-year Immigration levels plan are revised and announced every year on November 1 as dictated by IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

The most important numbers of target for immigration categories is for 2023. Targets for 2024 and 2025 will still be revised in November 2023.


TargetLow Range High RangeTargetLow RangeHigh RangeTargetLow Range High Range
Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions465,000410,000505,000485,000430,000542,500500,000442,500550,000
Federal High Skilled 82,88067,75088,000109,02089,500115,750114,00093,500121,000
Federal Economic Public Policies 25,00019,50032,750
Federal Business 3,5002,3504,0005,0003,5007,0006,0004,0008,000
Economic Pilots:  CaregiversAgri-Food Pilot; Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot; Economic Mobility Pathways Project8,5004,65010,80012,1256,75016,12514,7509,00019,750
Atlantic Immigration Program8,5003,0008,80011,5006,00012,50014,5008,50016,500
Provincial Nominee Program105,50091,000110,000110,000105,500120,000117,500112,000129,250
Quebec Skilled Workers and Business See the Quebec immigration planSee the Quebec immigration planSee the Quebec immigration planTo be determinedTo be determinedTo be determinedTo be determinedTo be determinedTo be determined
Total Economic266,210233,000277,250281,135250,000305,000301,250265,000326,000
Spouses, Partners and Children78,00072,00084,00080,00075,00086,00082,00077,00088,000
Parents and Grandparents28,50025,00038,00034,00029,00045,00036,00030,75048,000
Total Family106,500100,000118,000114,000105,000130,000118,000107,000135,000
Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad25,00022,00035,00027,00024,00038,00029,00026,00035,000
Resettled Refugees – Government-Assisted 23,55018,50030,00021,11516,75026,00015,25012,00017,000
Resettled Refugees – Privately Sponsored27,50520,00029,00027,75022,00029,50028,25023,00030,000
Resettled Refugees – Blended Visa Office-Referred250400250400250400
Total Refugees and Protected Persons76,30566,00093,00076,11566,00093,00072,75064,00080,000
Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and Other15,98511,00016,75013,7509,00014,5008,0006,5009,000
Time StampUpdate/Comment
9:25 am EST (Toronto time)Expected release time could be between 10:30-11:00 am EST
11:00 am EST (Toronto time) Immigration Minister Sean Fraser will hold press conference in North York, Ontario, to discuss the new immigration levels plan for 2023-2025 and efforts to address labour market shortages. He is joined by Liberal MPs Julie Dzerowicz (Davenport) and Peter Fonseca (Mississauga East–Cooksville) after releasing immigration levels plan for 2023 – 2025.
11:14 am EST (Toronto time)New Immigration Targets
2023 – 465,000 permanent residents
2024 – 485,000 permanent residents
2025 – 500,000 permanent residents
 🔴 Live Tracker – Immigration Levels Plan 2023 -2025

New Immigration Levels plan 2023-2025 highlights include

  • a long-term focus on economic growth, with slightly over 60% of economic admissions by 2025
  • using new Express Entry capabilities to welcome immigrants with the requisite skills and certifications in sectors suffering severe labour shortages such as health care, manufacturing, building trades, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • increases in regional programmes to address targeted local labour market needs, including the Provincial Nominee Program, the Atlantic Immigration Program, and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • reuniting more families faster
  • ensuring that at least 4.4% of new permanent residents outside Quebec are Francophone, and
  • providing a safe haven to those fleeing persecution, including by expanding the Economic Mobility Pathways.

Important Things To Watch Out In New Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

New immigration levels plan will be important and unique because of the following 6 reasons:

  1. This announcement is coming at the time where IRCC has record applications under processing inventory awaiting decision. So, it depends upon IRCC’s decision making on how quickly they can process the applications and decide what next year target could be. As of September 30, there were 614,600 applications under processing: 325,700 in backlog and 288,900 within service standards.
  2. Canada is already on track to easily meet the target for 2022 despite a pile of backlog. So, it is expected for the targets could increase for next 3 years. Canada already welcomed record immigrants in 2021 despite pandemic slowdown and backlog.
  3. Will there be an allocation for provisions under motion 44? If yes, then there could be new announcements after today’s plan in upcoming months.
  4. It will be interesting to watch PNP targets because provinces have been requesting to increase PNP allocation.
  5. Will there be increased target for family sponsorship (spousal sponsorship & PGP (Parents and Grandparents)?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canada 2023 to 2025 immigration plan?

According to the new Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025, Canada has set a target of bringing 465,000 new permanent residents through all immigration classes in 2022. This objective will gradually expand until it reaches 500,000 new permanent residents in 2025.

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New Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023 - 2025