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Save Time At Canadian Airports With Advance CBSA Declaration

Long Wait Times At Canada Airports – Here Is How To Avoid

Last Updated On 21 March 2023, 2:30 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Some major Canadian airports are generally busy and require long waits in lines. However, your arrival process will become quicker if you prepare your customs and immigration declaration in advance for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). So the next time you fly, use ArriveCAN’s Advance CBSA Declaration.

The Traveller Modernization initiative of the CBSA, which uses cutting-edge digital tools and technologies to improve and expedite the processing of travellers, is the Advance CBSA Declaration.

How can submitting your declaration in advance can help? 

By using ArriveCAN’s Advance CBSA Declaration tool, you can submit a customs and immigration declaration up to 72 hours before flying into Canada, allowing you to cross the border more quickly. You can also reduce wait times at the airport by submitting your declaration in advance.

Who can utilize the Advance CBSA Declaration?

ArriveCAN includes an optional feature called the Advance CBSA Declaration. Currently, it is accessible to air travellers landing in Canada at:

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) Terminals 1 and 3
  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  • Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
  • Winnipeg Richardson International Airport (YWG)
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)

Moreover, the optional service will become accessible to passengers arriving at Calgary, Edmonton, Billy Bishop Toronto City, Ottawa, and Québec City international airports in the coming months.

How to submit your declaration in advance? 

After adding your travel information to ArriveCAN, proceed to the prompt on your receipt page. To register an Advance CBSA Declaration for yourself or your group before your travel, you must:

  • Enter your passport, Canadian permanent resident card or travel document details 
  • Respond to the customs and immigration questions honestly
  • Complete and send the declaration within 72 hours of arriving in Canada

Once you submit your details, you will receive your Advance CBSA Declaration and your reference number through email. 

What to do after you land? 

After you land in Canada, follow the instructions below:

  • When you reach the airport kiosk or eGate, scan your passport, PR card or other travel documents.
    • Generally, up to 5 travellers can use a kiosk at a time, and only one traveller can use eGate, where the traveller using the eGate must be at least 16 years. 
    • Once you scan your passport/travel documents, it will retrieve your declaration information.
  • Review, update or edit your declaration if needed, then submit your final declaration to CBSA.
  • Collect the kiosk or eGate receipt and take it to a border services officer for further processing. 

Source: CBSA