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Jobs in canada 2023

10 Canada Jobs That Will Continue To Be In-Demand In 2023!

Last Updated On 15 January 2023, 11:25 AM EST (Toronto Time)

As the labour shortage in Canada continues to persist, the Canadian labour market depends on immigration to fill the gap.

Therefore immigration will remain crucial to fill labour gaps and jobs in 2023. 

The Canadian government is committed to welcoming more skilled immigrants to the country through 2023 and beyond.

Furthermore, there are expectation that IRCC will expand its target for immigration levels plan 2023 – 2025.

As a result, there is a significant need for skilled workers to fill the roughly one million open positions. 

In 2023, it is anticipated that foreign applicants with experience in in-demand professions will also have excellent job prospects in Canada and may make strong candidates for skilled immigration programs.

So, below are 10 occupations that will continue to be in demand in 2023 and beyond as the country enters new year. 

1. Registered Nurse (RN)

In many Canadian provinces, there is still a high demand for jobs in the healthcare industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a severe shortage of nurses, and many provinces have targeted PNP draws for registered nurses.

As a result, there are growing immigration opportunities for foreign applicants with nursing experience due to the high demand for nurses. 

2. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

An aging population and the Covid-19 pandemic are increasing the healthcare system’s demand, which calls for more Licensed Practical Nurses. 

In addition, there are numerous immigration options that individuals working in the healthcare industry may be able to take advantage of, much like Registered Nurses.

3. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are in charge of distributing medication and offering health consultations to advise on medications. A pharmacist can develop their career by working at a hospital or pharmacy or opening their own business.

However, because pharmacies are governed at the provincial level, each province will have its own rules. Therefore, you need a degree in pharmacy to work as a pharmacist in Canada. 

You must also pass the  Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) test and register with your province or territory. Pharmacists have recently been in great demand, much like other medical-related professions.

4. Veterinarian 

Canada is one of several countries where people like having pets. But unfortunately, Canada lacks a sufficient number of veterinarians. As a result, this profession has been one of the most in-demand in Canada for a number of years. 

Many provinces have targeted PNP incentives to attract vets to the country. However, given that this is a provincially regulated profession, any veterinarian seeking to establish a career in Canada must possess a license from the appropriate regulatory authority within the provinces or territories.

5. Web Developers 

Web developers are professionals that are involved in the creation of websites and applications. Therefore, the types of projects one would have the opportunity to work on typically have a broad scope.

Tech workers who want to immigrate to Canada have several possibilities because of the country’s thriving tech sector. Web developers now have a reliable route to getting a work permit for Canada with Canada’s Global Talent Stream.

Additionally, several Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) options are available for applicants with experience in this field.

6. Electrical Engineer

Designing, analyzing, and defining electrical systems are skills needed for careers as electrical engineers. In addition, electrical engineers play a crucial role in the entire process of system building and testing. 

However, being a technical job, this position often requires a higher education. 

7. Electricians

Electricians in Canada have some of the top skilled trades jobs because of their in-demand profession. As a result, industrial electricians are in high demand, particularly in the entire country. 

Industrial electricians and other electricians in related fields can find employment in Canada if they are new immigrants with the necessary training and work experience.

8. Accountant

A successful company’s operations depend heavily on its accountants. In the post-pandemic economy, controlling funds play a prominent role in ensuring continued success as businesses expand.

In the coming years, accountants can anticipate career possibilities around the country with potential growth.

9. Truck Driver

One of the most in-demand careers in Canada is Truck Driver. Transporting commercial goods from coast to coast is required in every province and territory in Canada. 

Moreover, substantial work opportunities exist for those looking to immigrate to Canada as truck drivers because, according to Statistics Canada, the vacancy rate in the truck transportation industry is around 8%.

10. Welder

By 2028, Canada intends to add 23,000 new welding positions to its labour force, increasing demand for this occupation. 

In Prince Edward Island and British Columbia, welding jobs are in particularly high demand. However, people with expertise in welding are likely to have a significant edge in all provinces. 

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