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How To Find A Job In Canada – Know 5 Tips To Networking

Immigrants often face more challenges compared to others when it comes to job search. Employers may be hesitant to hire newcomers regardless of their years of experience. However, effective networking can help find and secure job opportunities and develop lasting relationships.

You can always visit our jobs page to find latest job openings and we do post most of the new job articles that do not require experience. Anyhow, moving forward below are the 5 networking tips for finding a job in Canada. 

1. Utilize social media 

Caution: Beware of frauds and do not pay any money or share your SIN without verification to get a job.

Several industry professionals have online communities on major social media platforms. You can use these platforms to identify and engage with industry professionals and learn about their experiences.

Moreover, being part of virtual communities will help you keep updated with trending industry topics. Additionally, you can maximize your reach, make new connections and establish credibility by engaging meaningfully on shared content. You can connect with us on LinkedIn to get update on our new job posting articles.

2. Become A Volunteer 

One of the best ways to expand your network is through volunteering. It adds an extra feather to your resume and help in making your profile more appealing. Additionally, you get exposure and it can assist in honing your skills.

Especially, if you are a recent graduate, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills. However, even if you volunteer to support a cause, it’ll reflect positively on your resume. 

If you are new permanent resident via express entry and soon moving to Canada, then volunteering will help you in upscaling your skills & experience before entering Canada.

Click here for Volunteer opportunity at INC – Immigration News Canada.

3. Connect With Alumni 

If you attended school, college or university in Canada, you could reach out to your program alumni. As they have once been in your shoes, they’ll be able to share helpful resources. Or, at least if they come across any new job opportunity, you will be on their list to suggest.

In Canada most of the pan-Canada employers have referral program. This means anyone already working internally gets commission or bonus if they refer someone for a job. Further, you can ask for advice on job search and inquire about how to present yourself in the interview, given that they have been through that process.

4. Use your existing network

Reach out to your friends and family to find mutual connections that work in the same industry. Be alert enough to tell them that you are actively looking for a job. This way, your current network can introduce you to some industry professionals.

Then, with each new connection, learn about their experiences, mistakes or any advice they share. Moreover, reciprocate the favour by offering help to your connections. It’ll show dedication towards the relationship and encourage your network to help you with your job search.

In addition, ensure that you follow up with your network. It reinforces that their interactions were worthwhile.

5. Build relationships 

Do not overlook professional relationships, although your job is to find a job. Instead of handing resumes to anyone willing to take them, pay greater attention to growing and building relationships.

Interact with the person in front. Pitch them the qualities as per their requirement. As a result that person handing over your resume may put a good word for you. Simply, it’ll create a better impression that may encourage people to refer you. 

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