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ircc minister sean fraser

Here Is Latest By IRCC Minister On “No CEC or FSW Draw”

Today, IRCC Minister Hon’ble Sean Fraser acknowledged the issue of expiring PGWPs and no CEC or FSW draw from long time. A reporter asked the minister to provide a concrete date on which bi-weekly express entry CEC and FSW draw will resume.

Answering to this question. Minister said there is no concrete date yet, but they do intend to introduce a solution to this in very short period of time. He said that he doesn’t have a specific date with all the details, but he will be sharing information on this topic very soon, in the next number of days.

Additionally, he said that because of challenges to bring people from outside Canada. Special measure was adopted by Canadian government during the pandemic to resettle temporary residents from within Canada. This was to meet ambitious immigration target at that time. Furthermore, he added that pandemic also impacted processing capacity of local offices all around the world.

Minister acknowledged impact of no CEC draw on expiring Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWPs). Temporary residents whose PGWPs are expiring might be potentially seeing at leaving Canada, if no changes are being made. Also, minister said he is aware of no FSW draws as well.

So, he intends to introduce a solution to this in a very short period of time. However, he doesn’t have a concrete date on actual draws to resume. But, within the matter of days he will be sharing more information once IRCC has all of the information available.

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