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Health Canada-PHAC Jobs

Entry-Level Health Canada Jobs Hiring Now Across Canada!

Health Canada Jobs – Health Canada (HC) and Public Health Agency (PHAC) are looking to hire Clerical / Administrative Support and Program Officer Casual Inventory in all provinces and territories. 

This position has minimal education requirements, does not require experience and welcomes apply to all persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens abroad.

Who can apply?

Individuals in Canada can apply for this position, including work permit holders and permanent residents. In addition to Canadian citizens living abroad and veterans. 

The first preference will be given to veterans. Then, Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Except for the job located in Nunavut, where Nunavut Inuit will have the first preference. 

Essential requirements

You need a secondary school diploma or an equivalent to be considered for the position. In your application, you need to demonstrate how you meet this requirement. 

It means that you may be asked to attach your secondary school diploma or equivalent foreign credential. You can include credential evaluation from a recognized organization to demonstrate that your foreign credential is equivalent to a Canadian secondary school diploma. 

Other information to include in your application is your résumé and contact information of two references. 


Language requirements: You may need to undergo a language test as part of the assessment. The language test will examine three skills: Reading, Writing and Oral interaction. Wherein the proficiency levels are assigned as “A” for beginners, B (intermediate), and C (advanced). 

Asset Qualifications Questionnaire: In addition to language tests, you need to respond to all categories in the Asset Qualifications Questionnaire. 

There are no experience requirements for this position. Therefore, you must answer truthfully to the questionnaire and indicate “0 – NONE: I have no experience in performing this task,” where applicable. 

Health Canada will verify your responses using your resume and reference, so try to answer as truthfully as possible. 

False or fraudulent information may result in: 

  1. Rejecting your application 
  2. Not hiring you
  3. Revocation of your job in public service (if you have already been hired) 
  4. Health Canada may take corrective action as it deems appropriate
  5. In case of fraud, along with the above consequences, you may be subject to a criminal investigation 

How to apply? 

You can submit your application online on the Government of Canada website. Use your GC login credentials to sign in or create a new account

For more details on this job and to apply, click here. The reference number for this position is SHC21J-018645-002395. 

Summary Of The Positions To Be Filled

  • Positions Classification To Be Hired For: AS-01, AS-02, AS-03, CR-04, CR-05, PM-01, PM-02, PM-03
  • Salary: $50,821 to $70,622
  • Closing date: 31 October 2022 – 23:59, Pacific Time
  • Locations: Hiring in all provinces and territories, you can choose the location that works best for you in your application.