Canada MPs Raised Voice For Caregivers, Passport Renewals & Foreign Workers!

Canada IRCC Minister

On April 29, Canada MPs raised concerns over long delayed processing of applications under caregivers program. Watch full video below. Elected opposition MPs also raised concerns over long wait time for Canadian passport renewals. Furthermore, they also questioned federal government to not allowing enough temporary foreign workers for farming.

Caregivers backlog is above 16,000 at this time and applicants under this category have been delayed most. Furthermore, Canadians who applied for passport renewal have been left in limbo. Moreover, passport services are so bad that applicants are forced to line outside in rain and cold to wait for their turns.

Also, many companies are still waiting for temporary foreign workers for farming. Here are answers by IRCC minister, Hon’ble Sean Fraser and Parliamentary Secretaries in House of the Commons (lower house of the Parliament of Canada) on April 29, 2022.

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Canada MPs Raise Concern On Backlog In Caregiver Program, Passport Renewal and Work Permits
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Jasraj Singh Hallan (Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship)

February IRCC sees backlog of caregiver rose above 16 000. My office hears from people every day desperate to have their caregivers case finally get processed. While caregiver cases remain stuck.

Families are forced to stay at home, not able to work or contribute to the economy. This is causing mental health issues for both Canadians needing caregivers and those that want to come to Canada under the caregiver program.

It’s time to stop stranding people in this liberal-made backlog. When will the minister clear this liberal-made backlog in the caregiver program.

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser:

Madam speaker of the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of those who provide care to members of our community to allow them to stay in their own homes and to receive the care they need in their communities.

Last year we’ve made final decisions on approximately 6,000 cases with nearly 2,800 caregivers who’ve arrived. More than four thousand, if you include their families across six programs. We expect to see another six thousand or so landed in Canada this year.

We’ll continue to work to bring caregivers to Canada to make sure they can provide support to families that live in our communities.

Jasraj Singh Hallan (Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship)

Backlogs are a common theme under this liberal government. Whether it’s for veterans, seniors immigration, and now passports. Despite knowing that Canadians want to travel and need to get their passports renewed this government has failed to prepare now.

People are having to wait in long lineups at 4 am and have no way of knowing when they will finally get their passport. When will the minister do her job and clear up the passport backlog. They knew it was coming.

Parliamentary Secretary, Ya’ara Saks:

Thank you madam speaker as I mentioned earlier there’s an overwhelming increase in demand for passport services at this time. Nearly 40 percent and the minister has been working with officials. As I mentioned before, we’ve already hired as of December, 500 new passport employees.

But we’ve done more than that madam, speaker we created three additional passport application processing centres. We’ve extended service into weekends in overtime. Our Service Canada officials are working day and night to make sure that Canadians get the passports and services they need. thank you

Richard Lexhoux, MP Beauce, Quebec

The seeding season has arrived and large number of temporary foreign workers are expected. Unfortunately, many companies are waiting for workers who are not arriving. Yet procedures bans at end of 2021 for the arrival of these workers.

Is the minister of immigration not able to show any foresight, especially since this program has existed for several years. Once again this government is in reaction mode and our farmers will pay the price.

What does this minister say to many farmers who are having to delay seeding or even reduce their acreage this summer?

Parliamentary Secretary, Adam Van Koeverden

Madam speaker thank you and I’d like to thank my colleague for his question. We appreciate the contribution to the Canadian economy and economy of these farmers. And that is why there is a three-year period of investment.

29.3 million dollars will be introduced in investment. 64.6 million dollars will be put towards ug in employer inspections, so that there is decent and fair treatment. We will always be there for employers.

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Canada IRCC Minister

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