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Will There Be Another TR2PR Policy? Here Is Our Analysis!

IRCC introduced TR2PR temporary policy during pandemic to meet their ambitious immigration target for 2021. This temporary policy was announced by former IRCC Minister, Hon’ble Marco Mendicino on April 14, 2021. This policy started accepting applications on May 6, 2021 and was based on first come first serve basis. While a lot of in-Canada eligible applicants got lucky, but some were still left out because of not having appropriate documents.

This was once in a lifetime golden chance similar to bumper express entry CEC draw that invited more than 27,000 applicants. A lot of temporary residents reach out to us on daily basis asking whether there will be another TR to PR policy or a bumper CEC draw. We provide our analysis and answer to this question in this article.

We believe there are NO chances of another TR2PR policy or a bumper CEC draw because of the following reasons:
  • Canada is dealing with labour shortages because of not inviting applicants from outside Canada. TR2PR policy only changed status of temporary residents to permanent residents, but there was no introduction of new skill from outside Canada.
  • Recent IRCC memos reveal that IRCC has enough applications in processing to exceed 2022 immigration target.
  • Immigration levels plan 2022 – 2025 indicates that Express Entry system for CEC and FSW would be fully recovered by 2025.

To sum up, there might be immigration consultants out there recommending or suggesting you to get your documents ready for TR2PR. However, situation seems to be opposite. Real advice is to work on strengthening your CEC or PNP profile. If your profile score is low in express entry system, then we would suggest doing French and also explore PNPs are according to your career. TR2PR policy was only a cover up to meet IRCC targets for 2021, so we would suggest our readers to make their profile stronger.

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