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Post Graduate Work Permit – Here Are Things You Must Know!

International students, along with post graduate work permit, often known as PGWP are huge contributors to the success of the Canadian labour market. Canada recognizes the importance of international students who later work on PGWP and contribute to Canada’s economy.

To support these students, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced a new temporary policy on April 22, 2022. This interim policy allows 18 months of open work permits for international graduates whose PGWP expires between January 2022 to December 2022. 

Most international students apply for a post-graduate work permit after completing their studies. In addition, these post-graduation work permits are LMIA exempt, meaning students can work with any employer. Moreover, being on an open work permit, graduates can work full-time, part-time, or self-employed.

The PGWP is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This article will help you earn more about the PGWP and its dos and don’ts to maintain eligibility. 

Who is Eligible for PGWP?

Students that graduated from a designated learning institute (DLI) are eligible for PGWP. After completing their studies, students have 180 days beginning from when their marks were published to apply for their post-graduate work permit (PGWP).  

If you are a student and would like to obtain PGWP, you must have: 
  • Completed a full-time study program from a designated learning institute (DLI), and your program duration was at least eight months leading to a degree, diploma or certificate. 
  • A valid student visa when applying for the PGWP. 
  • Studied full time in each academic session, with two exceptions:
    • You studied part-time only in your final academic session. 
    • You took an authorized leave from studies that lasted for less than 150 days. 
Who is Ineligible for PGWP? 

Remember that you can receive your PGWP only once. Listed below are reasons that could make you ineligible for PGWP if you:

  • have already received a post-graduate work permit. 
  • studied English or French as a second language as a student in Canada. 
  • studied at a non-Canadian institution located in Canada. 
  • completed more than 50% of the study program by distance learning or online. Due to Covid-19, you can currently complete 100% of your study online until August 31, 2022.
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work permits
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