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New IRCC Update Shows Surge In Canada Immigration Backlog

Last Updated On 27 September 2023, 10:59 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

The new IRCC update on Canada immigration backlog reveals a 5.25% increase in the backlog of applications under processing, as per data updated on September 26, 2023.

Every month, IRCC updates this backlog data for the processing inventory they had at the end of the previous month. So this data is the most recent and accurate figure noted on August 31, 2023.

Temporary residency application processing inventory has now decreased by 6.11% from 1,346,200 applications to 1,264,000 compared to the previous IRCC backlog update.

Temporary residency applications within IRCC service standards dropped by 14.52%, with most of them converting into backlogs, with the temporary residency backlog number rising by 11%.

Conversely, the backlog for citizenship applications has dropped drastically by nearly 11% as compared to the last update.

Backlog number for permanent residency residency applications registered only 0.17% increase; although, there have been increase in the processing inventory by 2.3%.

New IRCC Update On Processing & Backlog

Application TypeOverall Processing 
Inventory As of August 31
Overall Processing 
Inventory As of July 31
Permanent Residence646,000631,5002.30%
Temporary Residence1,264,0001,346,200-6.11%
IRCC Processing inventory 2023
BacklogPercentage ChangeWithin  
Percentage Change
Permanent Residence291,0000.17%355,0004.11%
Temporary Residence493,00010.99%771,000-14.52%
IRCC Backlog as of August 31
new ircc update - Canada immigration backlog data

All The IRCC Backlog Updates in 2023

Backlog Update
In Backlog
Total Applications
Under Processing
August 31, 2023844,7002,198,700
July 31, 2023802,6002,274,600
June 30, 2023801,0002,264,000
May 31, 2023820,0002,248,000
April 30, 2023809,0002,006,000
March 31, 2023896,3002,017,700
February 28, 2023910,4001,962,600
January 31, 2023974,6001,944,500
Canada Immigration Backlog – 2023

What are the IRCC backlog projections by the end of 2023?

The official IRCC estimates for 2023 predict that backlogs will continue to shrink month by month.

The IRCC has released its official backlog forecasts to the end of October 2023 for the following categories of applications:

20% backlog for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP via Express Entry) and Federal High Skilled, including Express Entry.

Applications for citizenship and spousal sponsorship are backlogged by 19–24%.

20% for work visas and 9% for study visas.

34% for visas for temporary residence or travel.

Please note that if the percentage is 20% or below, then IRCC is fulfilling the service standards for that particular application type.

What is the difference between backlog data and IRCC Service Standards?

Understanding the IRCC’s position on the distinction between service standard data and backlog data is crucial.

As an illustration, it usually takes a year to complete an application for spousal sponsorship. If an application is being handled and the 12-month time limit hasn’t been reached, it is “NOT” considered to be in a backlog.

IRCC will consider this as a part of regular processing instead. That spousal sponsorship application would only be considered backlogged if its processing time exceeded the 12-month mark.

The immigration department intends to process 80% of the filed applications in accordance with these service standards.

To learn more about the service standards of the IRCC, click this link.

What is the latest update on the IRCC backlog in 2023?

As of August 31, 2023, the IRCC was processing 2,198,700 applications for citizenship, immigration, and visas.

The latest IRCC update on Canada immigration backlog reveals a 5.25% increase in the backlog of applications to 844,700 as of August 31, 2023, as compared to 802,600 as of July 31, 2023.

The backlog for applications for citizenship and permanent residency decreases by over 5% per month, while applications for temporary residency rise by 4.27%.

New IRCC Update on Canada Immigration Backlog

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