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New IRCC Backlog update

New IRCC Backlog Update | Nearly 2.3 Million Files Under Processing

Last Updated On 25 August 2023, 10:00 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Canada has been processing a record number of immigration and visa applications as per the new IRCC Backlog Update on August 24, 2023.

IRCC continues to receive a record number of new applications, with total application inventory rising to near 2.3 million as of July 31, 2023.

Canada is now receiving a record number of new temporary residency applications, which include those for visitor visas, work permits, and study permits.

Backlog increases by 4.27% for temporary residency applications, with overall processing inventory swelling to 1,346,200 as compared to the previous backlog update.

However, the backlog reduces by 5.69% for citizenship and by 4.13% for permanent residency applications, with the overall inventory for these applications reducing by nearly 2%.

New IRCC Backlog Update 2023

Application TypeOverall Processing Inventory As of July 31 Overall Processing Inventory As of June 30difference
Permanent Residence631,500644,000-1.94%
Temporary Residence1,346,2001,318,0002.14%
IRCC Overall Processing Inventory
Application Type
Percentage Change
Within  Service Standards
Percentage Change
Permanent Residence290,500-4.13%341,0000.00%
Temporary Residence444,2004.27%902,0001.16%
IRCC Backlog data as of July 31, 2023

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2023 IRCC Monthly Backlog Data

DateBacklogTotal Applications
Under Processing
July 31, 2023802,6002,274,600
June 30, 2023801,0002,264,000
May 31, 2023820,0002,248,000
April 30, 2023809,0002,006,000
March 31, 2023896,3002,017,700
February 28, 2023910,4001,962,600
January 31, 2023974,6001,944,500
Canadian Immigration Backlog in 2023
New IRCC Backlog Update | Record 2.3 Million Files In Processing
IRCC Total Processing Inventory and Backlog Trends 2023

The Canadian government is facing backlash for welcoming a staggering increase in the record number of permanent and temporary residents every year amid the housing crisis.

There have been ongoing talks about capping the number of international students coming to Canada, but no decision has yet been taken.

Canada is also on track to welcome a record number of new permanent residents in 2023.

Will the IRCC eliminate the backlog by the end of 2023?

As per official IRCC projections for 2023, backlogs are expected to reduce month-on-month, but there is a possibility that the backlog will enter 2024.

Below are the IRCC’s official backlog projections for various application types by the end of September 2023.

20% backlog for Federal High Skilled and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP via Express Entry)

24–26% backlog for Citizenship and spousal sponsorship applications.

17-20% for study permits and work permits.

36% for temporary resident visas or visitor visas.

Anything equal to or below 20% means IRCC is meeting the service standard for that business line.

What is the new backlog for IRCC?

IRCC was handling a total of 2,274,600 citizenship, immigration, and visa applications as of July 31, 2023. 802,600 of these are backlogs exceeding the normal service standards of IRCC.

Backlog reduces for citizenship and permanent residency applications by nearly 5% month-on-month, but increases by 4.27% for temporary residency applications.

Why is Canada IRCC processing so slow?

IRCC processing involves extensive assessment of applicants on a case-by-case basis, which makes it a lengthy process, plus the IRCC systems have not fully adapted to the prevailing technology in the last 10–15 years.

Additionally, Canada is now receiving a record number of new applications from around the globe, which is also contributing to the backlog on top of the files accumulated during the pandemic.


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