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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program - AAIP

5 New Changes To Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Announced By Danielle Smith

Last Updated On 3 April 2023, 4:04 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

5 new changes to the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) are announced by the Premier Danielle Smith in Calgary today.

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program will make it simpler for in-demand foreign workers and entrepreneur to get permanent residency (PR).

Over 50,000 individuals from all around the world will have chosen Alberta as a destination to invest, work, and raise their families in 2022.

Firstly, AAIP will work with the federal Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot to help refugees with the necessary skills and certifications to come to Alberta through current economic programs.

Furthermore, Danielle announced that they will create a dedicated pathway for medical professionals.

Because of a new, dedicated pathway to attract medical professionals to Alberta, up to 30% of Alberta’s Express Entry Stream allocation in 2023 will be reserved for health-care professionals.

These healthcare professionals will need an Alberta job offer from a health-care sector employer and meet the requirements to work in one of the eligible health occupations.

Thirdly, Alberta is streamlining the application process to attract and retain workers under the rural renewal stream.

Under the Rural Renewal Stream, removing the necessity for a letter from a settlement agency will let rural towns attract, recruit, and welcome newcomers based on local needs.

Fourthly, the Rural Entrepreneur Stream investment has been lowered to $100,000. This will allow more eligible entrepreneurs to launch or buy an existing firm in participating rural Alberta towns.

Lastly, Alberta will be starting a new phone line that links AAIP staff members directly with applicants for help and information.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Immigration Streams

AAIP will welcome 9,750 permanent residents (PRs) in 2023, 10,140 in 2024, and 10,849 in 2025.

This allocation quota was just 6,500 for 2022, which appeared rather low and was quickly filled last year, resulting in no Alberta Express Entry lottery for four months after July 2022.

Alberta presently has over 100,000 employment opportunities throughout the province.

Furthermore, the province anticipates a total job shortfall of 33,100 people by 2025 across a variety of vocations, skill levels, and sectors.

In addition, based on affordability and the most recent Statistics Canada statistics on interprovincial migration within Canada, Alberta is the top option for immigrants already in Canada.

“Alberta is a land of opportunity. In our province, you can find the career you want, take home a strong and regular paycheque, and still spend time with family and friends. Not only do people around the world want to come here, we want them to come here to be a part of our communities and our prosperity, and help Alberta continue to grow and succeed.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

Danielle further added “I encourage everyone who knows of someone wanting to bring their work skills to Alberta and share these exciting new developments.”

“Bringing more workers needed in the province will be key to continuing to grow Alberta’s economy and meeting our labour shortages. These changes to AAIP show our commitment to making Alberta one of the best places in the world to put down roots, contribute positively to your community and be prosperous.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism


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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program