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Motion 44: Will There Be A New TR2PR? Here Is What To Expect

We have received a lot of queries in regards to whether there will be a new TR2PR policy as per motion 44. Most of the people were expecting an announcement from IRCC on September 8, 2022. However, the day went without any announcement with focus only on the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

In this article we provide our analysis in an effort to answer whether there will be TR2PR program or not. Answer seems to be yes, but we may have to wait few more days or weeks or may be we hear an announcement this week. This article discusses:

  • How Was September 8 Calculated?
  • What To Expect From Motion 44?
  • What Should You Do?

How Was September 8 Calculated?

A motion 44 Permanent Residency (PR) for Temporary Foreign Workers was agreed upon by the majority in House of Commons on May 11, 2022. This motion called on that temporary foreign workers, including international students, who have significant Canadian work experience in industries with ongoing labour shortages be granted permanent status.

IRCC Minister Sean Fraser indicated in an interview with Radio Canada in June that their government is preparing to create a new pathway for TR to PR. Also, he said he’s working under a tight 120-day timeline established by the motion 44 approved in House of Commons in May 2022.

“We are looking right now at the best path forward to create a permanent pathway for temporary residents. That actually puts me on a clock to come up with a framework to establish this new permanent residency pathway, not just for international students, but also for temporary foreign workers”

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser In June 2022

This is the reason that everyone was expecting an announcement on September 8 with completion of 120 days since the motion was passed.

What To Expect From Motion 44?

Minister Sean Fraser has clearly confirmed during his interviews that new TR2PR program will be more of a permanent pathway for temporary residents in Canada. Furthermore, he said that it will not be similar to last year’s TR2PR program which came into existence because of pandemic.

“We’re in the depths of planning the policy so we can have a policy that’s not driven by a need to respond urgently in the face of an emergency. but actually to have a permanent pathway that provides a clear path for those seeking permanent residency who can enter Canada.”

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser in his June interview

So, one thing seems to be clear. The new program is expected to stay around for a while. Or it could be some kind of a pilot program.

Since the motion emphasized on creating new TR2PR for temporary residents having experience in sectors with persistent labour shortages. So, it could be focused on the below sectors with persistence reduction of new hires to available job vacancies.

SectorsRatio of new hires to vacancies (Q1 2022)Ratio of new hires to vacancies (Q1 2021)
Accommodation and food services23.2%39.2%
Health care and social assistance23.3%36.6%
Retail Trade48.8%69.6%
Source: Statistics Canada

This doesn’t mean that all the above sectors will be included, but yes these sectors are with the highest labour shortages as per Statistics Canada.

What Should You Do?

Once the actual details of the policy are out and new program is live, if you are eligible then go ahead and apply. The announcement can come today OR, in coming days or weeks, but there is still no fixed date.

If you are eligible for Express Entry, do not wait for this policy to come. Express Entry can still be your best bet.

Reason is simple. Previous TR2PR applications are still under process. But IRCC has already confirmed that new Express Entry applications will be processed within 6 months.

Furthermore, you can apply for available Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) if you are eligible, rather than waiting for new TR2PR. Waiting for TR2PR may lead to losing an available opportunity which you already qualify for.

P.S. – This article is not a legal advise and INC – Immigration News Canada is not responsible for any of your decision based on this article.