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IRCC Minister Sean Fraser

IRCC To Release Details On New Expired PGWP Policy Next Week

Today, IRCC Minister Hon’ble Sean Fraser confirmed that he is hoping to have a good news on temporary policy extending expired PGWPs next week. He talked about the reason for delays in implementing this policy because of technological limitations. Furthermore, he explained his expectations and understanding in regards to this policy.

Expired PGWP holders had a ride of joy when IRCC Minister announced new temporary public policy to give 18-month additional open work permit to them. This new temporary policy was announced on April 22, 2022. However, details of this policy on “how to apply” and requirements are yet to be announced by IRCC.

It seems like IRCC is still figuring out the tech and outline of requirements to apply. Good thing is that minister provided an expectation today that they are working on releasing the details by next week.

What Exactly IRCC Minister Said Today?

Below is the transcript and audio from today’s press conference. You can select your preferred language on top of this post for understanding purposes.

I am hoping to have good news next week that will deliver in a very timely way, an ability for those who were affected by potentially expired PGWP, that will allow them to remain and continue to work in Canada.

Soon as we have the solution nailed down with confirmation that is going to work. We are going to be having a public announcement to share details on how people are going to apply to extend.

As this is extremely important to the extent people been impacted on some of the challenges, I want you to know that we want you here. We think it’s important that you be able to continue to live in Canada and make positive contribution to the Canadian economy.

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser

Question: Once the PGWP holders are able to apply, will they be instantly placed on implied status where they can return back to work or will they have to adhere to the processing times at the moment?

We are working on solution that can apply right now that is going to allow people to work as quickly as possible after the application. For the sake of certainty, I want to finalize one of the details on policy, that we are working on to make sure, that we can implement it, before we create a false expectation, before things are finalized.

We are very close to finalizing the details of this policy, but my goal is to allow people to work as quickly as possible after this application. We do expect to have final details released next week that will give people confidence and to be able to stay in Canada and continue to work. 

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser

Source: CPAC