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Express Entry – Update These 3 New Questions By August 2

IRCC added three new questions to Express Entry (EE) system. These new questions needs to be updated in your existing profiles by August 2, 2022 to have better shot at next draw. Furthermore, new profile creation under the EE system will automatically require answer to these three questions.

These three questions are applicable to profiles claiming points under Canadian education. This is to ensure that international students who completed their study online during the pandemic get their entitled score under CRS.

Existing EE profiles are already getting email from IRCC recommending them to update their profiles before August 2. These new questions are basically added to gather information in the profile under the “Education History”. Below are the 3 questions added to the EE system.

1. Did {applicant} complete at least 50% of the study or training program’s courses through in-person learning?

During the profile creation, primary applicant needs to answer yes/no to this question. IRCC defines “In-person learning” as if you physically attended classes or other forms of instruction. 

2. Did {applicant} study in Canada for at least 8 months in order to earn this degree, diploma or certificate?

Another questions added is applicant studied in Canada for at least 8 months. Again, this is yes/no question. IRCC defines “Study in Canada” as if you were physically present in Canada as a Temporary Resident while studying. Your time studying will only be recognized as “in Canada” if it was authorized by a study permit. Furthermore, this 8-month requirement can be met through multiple periods of study in Canada.

3. Did {applicant} study full-time for at least 8 months to earn this degree, diploma or certificate?

As per IRCC, definition of “full-time study” varies between learning institutions and programs. So, your DLI’s (Designated Learning Institution) definition should be used when answering this question. Additionally, this 8-month requirement can be met through multiple periods of full-time study.

Below is the email being sent to existing Express Entry profiles:

This is to notify you that there have been changes to how Express Entry evaluates Canadian education credentials that may impact your Express Entry profile.

If you have claimed to have a Canadian educational credential, you should update your profile by answering three new questions in the Education History section about the amount of in-person study/training, study/training in Canada and full-time study/training you completed to obtain the credential. If these fields remain incomplete, your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points score may drop and you could miss an opportunity to be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Please update your Express Entry profile by August 2, 2022 to ensure you have the best possible chance to be invited to apply for permanent residence in the next Express Entry round of invitations.

Email/letter by IRCC