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Here Is How To Find An Accommodation In Canada!

Here Is How To Find An Accommodation In Canada! As a newcomer to Canada, finding accommodation is one of the first things to tick off your to-do list. Finding accommodation can be tricky and is one of the least enjoyable things in this beautiful country. Mentioned below are a few tips on finding suitable accommodation. Moreover, this article will give you an overview of how renting works here. 

Temporary Accommodation In Canada

In case, you don’t have a place to live when you land, don’t worry- you have enough options to stay temporarily. Just make sure that you do not wait till the last minute to do this. This is because all accommodations will be booked if you wait till the end. Therefore, you will have to pay higher rents. For your temporary residence, you can-

  • Book a hostel or a hotel room through any reservation website. There are lots of websites that can help you find hotels within your budget. You can research and compare the hotels and choose the one that best suits you. Websites like Booking, Expedia, and Hostelworld are some of the few places you can check.
  • Also, you can book an entire apartment or just rent a room through Airbnb. It has been the most popular option over the last 2-3 years. You might be able to get cheaper rates in this case if you book well in advance. 

Note- It is not advisable to book a place for the long term before landing. You should definitely check out the place before deciding to agree on renting long-term. Moreover, most landlords need to verify you to allow you to rent their place. So, if someone agrees to give you their place, chances are that that place doesn’t even exist. You need to beware of such scams. 

Finding Long-Term Accommodation in Canada

In Canada, there are different kinds of rental accommodations. These include basements, houses, apartments, and condominiums. You can rent some houses entirely while some are divided into units. Some houses are available where the living room and bathroom facilities are shared. 

Utilities like water, electricity, and internet are included in some cases, while in some you have to pay extra for them. There are websites like Kijiji, Zumper, Zolo, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist where you can find rental accommodations. Also, there are Facebook groups that can be very helpful in finding accommodations as well as connecting with people.

How much is the rent?

Canada is a very large and diverse country so every place has different average rents depending on the place you choose. For example, in Vancouver, a 1-bedroom costs over $2,000, a month whereas the same type of apartment in Edmonton costs around $1,000 a month. Ottawa and Toronto are also on the expensive side, costing over 2,000 a month while Hamilton and Calgary are somewhere around $1,000. 

However, Toronto’s rental market is becoming expensive each day. Vancouver and Toronto are two of the most expensive cities to live in Canada. However, there are cheaper options available as well but you might need to compromise in some areas. You may need to share your bedroom with someone else or you might have a neighbourhood that doesn’t have very good public transit links. 

Thus, always do your research beforehand to make sure that you get suitable accommodation at a reasonable price. 

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find an accommodation
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