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Express Entry Draws May Begin In 2022 – New IRCC Memo

Small Rounds of express entry draws (FHS) would be required in late 2022 to meet 2023 levels. Recent internal IRCC memo shared this, but we need to understand the inference of this memo. Memo submitted to IRCCโ€™s Deputy Minister and the Associate Deputy Minister on January 21, 2022 has been obtained by CIC News.

Memo is redacted, but we can see it is similar to the last IRCC memo. Following are the key revelations from memo and our understanding of them:

  • FSW and FST processing times are now at 22.4 months, and is expected to rise to 36 months throughout 2022.
    • INC interpretation-. These are the express entry (FSW and FST) profiles which might have been selected with provincial nomination. This is because there hasn’t been any FSW or FST draw, since December 2020.
  • CEC processing time is now 7.2 months, but there has not been any CEC draws since September 2021.
    • INC interpretation-. So, this might be processing time for express entry CEC profiles getting provincial nomination.
  • Existing inventory is sufficient to meet FHS levels space under all scenarios being considered for 2022. Any FHS invitations issued until June 2022 will be processed as per the above mentioned processing times.
    • INC interpretation-. This is because of the point number 1 mentioning longer processing times.
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  • IRCC will be sending plan for future FHS intake in March 2022 to determine time and volume that will be in alignment with new immigration levels plan announced in February 2022.
    • INC interpretation-. There will be internal IRCC communication (already sent or will be sent) in March 2022. It will outline the plan to meet new immigration levels plan 2022 for Economic Immigration.
  • Concerns raised for candidates in express entry pool with expiring work permit holders already in Canada.
    • INC interpretation-. Whenever the FHS draws resume, it will start with CEC draws first.
  • IRCC will continue to declare PNP only draws on bi-weekly basis.
    • INC interpretation-. No need for interpretation because we are already seeing PNP only draws bi-weekly.

Below is our conclusion on this new IRCC Memo!

OUR Conclusion

This memo indicates that CEC only draws with high cut off score may resume in the ending for 2022. However, we may not see FSW or FST draws in late 2022 because of the following reasons:

  • Memo indicates that processing times is higher for FSW or FST, so let’s take an example. If any of the aforementioned applicants receive ITA today, then they will receive decision at least after 22.4 months (almost 2 years). Also, this could increase to 36 months which corresponds to 3 years. So, these applicants will not contribute to 2023 targets.
  • However, CEC processing time is still aimed at 7.2 months. So, express entry draw in late 2022 will contribute to 2023 immigration levels plan. As a result, we may see CEC draws in end of of 2022. Also, memo states that existing inventory is sufficient to meet 2022 targets, so CEC draws may resume in late 2022 to meet 2023 targets.
  • We may see a special program for CEC candidates similar to TR2PR for accommodating applicants with expiring work permits to segregate CEC applicants from express entry. This is also the reason that CEC draws will resume first to retain such applicants.

Below are our suggestions:

PNP Seems to be only rescue!

We would suggest following to our readers:

  • Explore your PNP options. PNP is the best option for outland applicants. Figure our the province that has your NOC in-demand and apply.
  • If possible, please learn French. It will increase your score in express entry pool. Francophones get more score in express entry.
  • Try applying for jobs online. Canada has shortage in labor market. It can earn your more CRS score. Beware of fraud job offers.
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express entry
express entry