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Know Here How To Sponsor Spouse Or Children For Canada PR!

How To Sponsor Spouse Or Children For Canada PR: Canadians can sponsor their spouses or children for immigration to Canada. However, there are some eligibility requirements to sponsor immediate family members. This article discusses who is eligible to sponsor, who can be sponsored, and how to apply to sponsor your spouse or children.  

Who Can Sponsor? 

You can sponsor your spouse and dependent children to become Canadian permanent residents if you are: 

  • Canadian permanent resident or citizen of at least 18 years or older. 
  • Not reliant on any government social assistance.
  • Can financially support the person you want to sponsor. 

If you are living outside Canada: 

  • Canadian citizens living outside Canada must intend to return when their sponsored family member becomes a Canadian permanent resident. 
  • Permanent residents living outside Canada cannot sponsor. You need to be inside Canada to sponsor your spouse and children as a permanent resident.  
Who Can You Sponsor? 

Canada recognizes spouses, common-law partners, and conjugal partners within this program. Therefore, while assessing your case, the immigration officer will look for evidence of your genuine relationship.

In addition, you can sponsor your children or grandchildren under this program. Below is a description of who you can sponsor:  

Spouses need to be married in an in-person ceremony to their sponsor. Moreover, virtual marriages are not acceptable for immigration purposes. 

Common-law partners must show that they have lived together for at least a year. In addition, they may have lived inside or outside Canada. 

Conjugal partners have been in a relationship for at least one year and live outside Canada. They must show that legal or social obstacles restrict them from marrying or living together. You can’t sponsor a conjugal spouse who lives in Canada.

Dependent children are under 22 years and do not have a spouse or common-law partner. 

How to Sponsor? 

You can check out this detailed IRCC application guide sharing detailed information on how to apply. However, most importantly, remember that two applications should be submitted together to sponsor your spouse, partner, or children.

They are: 

  • Your application to become a sponsor; and 
  • Family’s application for permanent residency. 

Furthermore, your other documents and forms will depend on who you would like to sponsor and their country of residence.

Enter your details in this IRCC tool to get your case-specific information. Lastly, note that there is a different sponsorship process for Quebec.

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