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Biometrics for Canada visa 2023

IRCC Resumes Biometrics For New Temporary Residence Applicants In Canada

Last Updated On 23 February 2023, 10:15 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Effective today (February 23, 2023) IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) resumes biometrics collection for temporary residence applicants in Canada.

IRCC implemented a temporary policy on July 15, 2020 because of pandemic that exempted anyone applying for temporary residence inside Canada, from submitting biometrics.

Temporary residence applications in Canada includes

You must pay the biometrics fee at the time of submitting your application for temporary residence if your application falls under one of the above listed category.

However, the biometrics exemption continues to apply for below categories (meaning they don’t need to provide biometrics):

  • Nationals from visa-exempt countries coming to Canada for visit only
  • Existing permanent residents, Canadian citizens, or citizenship applicants (including passport applicants)
  • Children less than the age of 14
  • Applicants above the 79 years of age (no upper age limit for asylum claimants)
  • Heads of government and heads of state
  • Applicants qualifying for or on an official or diplomatic visa
  • U.S. visa holders transiting through Canada
  • Refugee claimants or protected persons already given biometrics, but are applying for a work or study permit
  • Temporary resident applicants already given their biometrics to support their permanent resident application, which is still under processing.

How to book biometrics appointment in Canada

Applicants for temporary residence application can provide their biometrics at one of over 70 Service Canada Centre collecting sites across Canada.

However, only applicants who receive BIL (biometrics instruction letter) can give their biometrics.

Once the applicant receives BIL, then they can book their appointment online using the eService Canada Appointment Booking Tool.

On the appointment date, you will need to take your biometric instruction letter and a valid passport or travel document.

At Service Canada office, your photo will be taken as well as your fingerprints.

For more information, please visit official biometrics collection page here.


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