Restore Temporary Residence Status

How To Restore Temporary Residence Status In Canada

How to restore Temporary Residence Status? As a temporary resident, your work, study or visitor visa will come with an expiration date. If you extend your stay beyond the expiration date on your permit, then you will be out of status in Canada. However, if you wish to remain in Canada and did not apply for an extension before your visa expired, you can apply to restore your status. This article will explain what status restoration is, who is eligible and how to apply. 

What is Status Restoration? 

If your temporary status in Canada has expired, you can restore your status within 90 days of expiration. Temporary status can include a visitor, worker, or student. However, note that you can only restore the status you immediately held before the restoration application. For example, a student that lost their status cannot restore temporary resident status with authorization to work. 

Who is Eligible? 

Listed below are the eligibility requirements to apply for status restoration. 

  • Your temporary worker, student, or visitor status expired within last 90 days. 
  • You will remain in Canada until a decision on your application is made. 
  • You continue to meet the requirements of your initial temporary status and comply with any other imposed conditions.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that you are not allowed to work or study until your application for status restoration is approved. 

How to apply?

Depending on the status you are trying to restore, the application fees and required documents will vary. However, below are steps to restore your temporary status.  

  1. Apply online for restoration and extension of your temporary worker, student or visitor status.
  2. Pay $200 CAD restoration fees and your temporary worker, student or visitor status extension fees. 
  3. Include details of all facts and circumstances in your application. 

Remember that you can apply for status restoration within Canada only. 

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Restore Temporary Residence Status
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