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TRV For International Students & Workers-Why & How To Apply!

Last Updated On 9 February 2023, 9:05 AM EST (Toronto Time)

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), also known as a visitor or entry visa, serves as a travel document to enter Canada.

You do not need to apply for a separate TRV with your initial study permit or PGWP. However, you’ll need a valid TRV each time you exit and reenter Canada.

You cannot exit and reenter Canada if you only have a study permit or work permit.

TRV application is similar to visitor visa, but students and work permit holders can apply it from within Canada.

This article will discuss what TRV is, when you would need it and how to apply for it. 

What is a TRV? 

A TRV is a travel stamp placed in your passport that allows you to exit and enter Canada. However, it does not give you any status in Canada.

For instance, a study permit lets you stay and study in Canada. Hence, your study permit shows your student status, but it doesn’t allow you to exit and reenter Canada.

In contrast, a TRV enables you to exit and reenter Canada. You will need a valid TRV each time you re-enter. 

Exception: If you have U.S. visa, then you can enter Canada by land with your study or work permit only. No TRV is required via land border.

When would you need a TRV? 

A TRV will generally be issued for the same duration as your study or work permit.

However, you’ll need to apply for a new TRV when extending your work or study permit.

Moreover, you must wait to receive your future study, work, or PGWP and then apply for TRV from inside Canada. 

It is most beneficial to receive your new TRV before leaving Canada. Because the processing time outside will be longer, and you’ll need to provide additional documents.

Therefore, ensure that you apply for a TRV well before your travel.

Additionally, if you change your status to a visitor, you cannot apply for TRV from Canada.

As a visitor visa holder, you can apply for a TRV only through the Canadian visa office of your home country. 

Overview of How to Apply

You can refer to this detailed IRCC guide on applying for TRV. Below is a summary of how to apply. 

Step 1: Gather Documents

If you are applying from outside Canada, you’ll need to include this document checklist (IMM5484).

Additionally, you’ll need to gather additional documents depending on the country you are applying for the TRV.

You can use this IRCC tool to find your country-specific document checklist.

Moreover, if you are applying from inside Canada, you must use this document checklist (IMM5721)

Step 2: Complete your application

Login to your IRCC portal. Then, fill out the following forms: 

Step 3: Pay the application fee 

Pay your application fees of $100 plus the biometrics fee of $85 if applicable. Then submit your application. 

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