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In-demand jobs in Vancouver

In-Demand Jobs Hiring Now in British Columbia With High Pay!

If you want to change your career, British Columbia has high-paying, in-demand jobs that are hiring now. Indeed notes that for many job seekers, salary is the first consideration. The pandemic has impacted the job market, creating high demand in many professions that may not be as hard to fill.

While many high-pay industries noticed jobs fill quickly, others experienced severe job loss. As a result, many companies are now in search of new talent. However, a talent shortage exists, particularly in high-paying, skill-based jobs.

The data from Indeed’s website shows that certain positions have been open for more than two months. Although job postings may be up for more than two months, organizations use them as a proxy for difficulty in hiring.

According to Indeed, veterinarians and veterinary surgeons are currently in high demand in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. As a result, it has numerous opportunities across the country’s job market.

Senior software engineers are the most in-demand workers in British Columbia. With 47% of job posts remaining active for more than two months, the average pay is $100,000.

Chiropractic professionals came in second, with 31% of job posts staying active for more than two months. These positions offer an average pay of $95,569.

In addition, Physiotherapists and mechanics stood fourth and fifth in B.C.’s job market. The labour shortage would continue growing as many businesses recover from the pandemic.

Here are the links to apply for 10 high-paying, in-demand jobs in British Columbia: 

1.Senior Software Engineer

3. Veterinarian

4. Veterinary Surgeon
5. Physiotherapist

6. Mechanic

7. Optometrist
8. Software Engineering Manager
9. Tax Manager
10. Psychiatrist


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