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highest paying jobs in ontario

10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ontario With Experience!

The landscape of the job market has changed since the pandemic. To help you make career decisions, below is the list of Ontario’s 10 highest-paying jobs for professionals with good academic background, ample knowledge, and quality experience.

1. Surgeons / Doctors
  • Salary: $245,000-$779,000
  • Considering the complexity of the job, surgeons are the highest-paying careers. The high salary is justified because the profession requires ample knowledge combined with years of training and learning experience. 
2. Judges
  • Salary: $205,000 – $654,000 
  • Judges make crucial decisions carrying enormous responsibilities that impact people’s lives. The years of experience and education needed to become is Judge explains the high-paying salary.
3. Lawyers
  • Salary:  $166,000-$529,000
  • Lawyers have the responsibility to represent numerous clients and solve complex problems. Moreover, because there are few well-trained lawyers, they remain high in demand and earn high salaries. However, since becoming a lawyer requires significant time and dedication, the comparative need for well-trained lawyers runs low. 

4. Bank Managers
  • Salary: $157,000- $498,000
  • Bank Managers deal with high-level transactions, which requires a firm grasp of law and finance. In addition, managing funds, investments, and the associated risks make bank managers worthy of high salaries. 
5. Chief Executive Officers
  • Salary: $147,000- $467,000
  • A CEO’s salary is often an indicator of the company’s performance. Overseeing an organization’s entire functioning and handling its success, failures, and risks is the reason for their huge remuneration. 
6. Chief Financial Officers
  • Salary: $137,000 – $436,000
  • Chief Finance Officers manage an organization’s budget, spending and revenue. Jobs that require handling finances on a large scale, such as for an entire organization, qualify for high pay. 
7. Orthodontists
  • Salary: $132,000-$420,000
  • Orthodontists are the first decision-makers deciding on the necessity of a treatment that affects facial appearance for the rest of adulthood. For example, decisions on the need for braces or alternative teeth treatments are made by Orthodontists. 
8. College Professors
  • Salary : $117,000- $374,000
  • Another top-paying career is being a college professor. Becoming a professor requires extensive knowledge of the subject with significant experience. Further, training the further generation needs patience and persistence. Since Ontario is a hub for many students to complete their education, college professors have high pay.  
9. Pilots
  • Salary: $97,800-$311,000 
  • The demand for pilots will grow as travel restrictions and the pandemic continues to diminish. Being responsible for more than thousand’s of people safety, with increasing demand, they are highly paid. 
10. Marketing Directors
  • Salary Range: $88,000-$280,000
  • Marketing directors play an essential role in boosting the revenue of an organization. Holding the responsibility of increasing sales and growing profits for an organization explains their high salaries.