7 Easily Available Part Time Jobs In Canada!

part time jobs
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Part time jobs in Canada. Working part-time helps manage living expenses since extra money never hurts. This article enlists 7 easily available part time jobs in Canada.


If you speak another language or have writing experience or know graphic designing or any other skills, then you can offer your services online. There are a lot of freelancer websites, but most popular is Fiverr. You just need to sign up and create your profile as per your skill.

Best thing about this is that you get paid as per your experience and quality of work. For example, beginner writers charge around $14-20 per article, whereas experienced writers can offer their services as high as $700 per article or more.

Uber Driver 

You must be at least 21 years and smartphone to work as an Uber. Additionally, you must have a valid license to drive in Canada. Your earnings will depend on how frequently you drive. Alternatively, you can work on food delivery platform Uber Eats. Working early mornings, evenings and weekends can pay you as high as $32/hour.

Uber is the clear winner among all the available platforms given the flexibility to start anywhere anytime. Click here to get $800 for signing up. If you don’t have a car or driving license, then you can also do food delivery services on bicycle.

Personal Shopper

Similar to food delivery platform, Canada also has well paying grocery shopping opportunity. Top most famous player is Instacart. In this, you need a driving license and a car. A personal shopper do grocery shopping for their customer and deliver to their door.

Highest a personal shopper on this platform can earn is around $25-30/hour. Furthermore, you benefit from driving less unlike food delivery platforms. This will be less expensive on fuel and car maintenance.

Server / Bartender 

Working as a server or bartender provides flexible work schedule. You can work weeknights or weekends, depending on your schedule. Moreover, although you’ll earn minimum wage, you’ll also receive many tips. Each province’s minimum wage varies, and tips are generally between 15-20%. 

Dog Walker or pet sitter 

If you like pets, you can earn by pet sitting or dog walking. This job comes with the benefit of little time commitment. For example, you may need to walk dogs for about an hour or less. Moreover, you can also propose pet sitting services when the pet owner is away. The average pet sitting job pays you around $25/hour.


Cafés usually hire students for part-time positions. Therefore, you can enjoy a flexible schedule; however, you may need to adapt to a fast-paced environment. Everyone is usually in a hurry to get their morning coffee. 

Retail or sales assistant 

Generally, on the weekends, city centers and malls are filled with shoppers. You can work in clothing stores, supermarkets or corner shops. You’ll earn minimum wage and sometimes can get commissions on sales. 

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part time jobs
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
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