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Know 7 Interview Tips to Successfully Land A Job

Last Updated On 28 October 2022, 9:14 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Interviews can often be stressful. To relieve some of your stress, below are 7 interview tips to successfully land a job in Canada.

Research about the company 

Look up the company website to learn about its mission statement, company culture and other facts that help you provide targeted responses. In addition, go through the company’s social media handles and keep up with the company’s recent news. 

Moreover, if you know your interviewer’s name, research about them as well. Check out their information on the company website and other professional social media platforms. Learning about the interviewer can help establish a personal connection. 

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Rehearse Interview Questions

Practice answering common interview questions that hiring managers usually ask, for example:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • Tell me about a challenge you had to overcome at your last job.
  • How do you approach a typical workday?
  • What motivates you?

Additionally, rehearse for job-specific questions relevant to the industry. For instance, practice coding questions if you are interviewing for a programmer role. Moreover, it’ll be helpful to practice with a friend or family member that can offer you feedback. Or you could also practice facial expressions and body language in front of a mirror. 

Utilize the STAR approach 

Using the STAR method will help provide detailed answers that hiring managers often look for and appreciate. 

  • Situation: Describe a challenging experience (at work)
  • Task: Explain your role in the situation.
  • Action: Provide detailed steps you took to address the situation.
  • Result: Describe the outcome of your actions.

Provide specific work examples

Employers would like to see specific work examples. Prepare a physical and digital portfolio reflecting your best work, and keep everything handy. In addition, use numbers to give the interviewer a better perspective of your work. For example, say you increased social media engagement by 20%. 

Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer

The hiring manager will ask if you have any questions. Create a list of potential questions to ask the hiring manager. Asking questions will reflect that you are interested in the position and company. 

Give concise answers 

Ensure that your answers add value in showing the hiring manager why you are a good fit. However, due to limited time in the interview, keep your responses concise. Therefore, rehearse your answers before your interview to remain brief.

Share your accomplishments

You need to show how you add value to the company. Share specific achievements to demonstrate how you can contribute to the role. Additionally, connect your achievements with the job responsibilities mentioned in the description. It’ll help the interviewer see why you are the best fit. 

Furthermore, check out Indeed interview resources to practice and learn.


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