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Cost Of Living For International Students In Toronto – All You Need To Know!

Most international students are generally concerned about their tuition fees, living expenses, medical insurance, and accommodation. The cost of living in Ontario, specifically Toronto, is higher than in other places in the country. As per law, international students can only work 20 hours per week and mostly they get job at or near to minimum wage.

However, cost of living is higher as compared to wages they earn. Recently, students started a petition to increase their legal work hours from 20 to 30. This article will share details on the monthly expenses of international students located in GTA. 

Mobile bill

General phone plans with data are expensive in Canada. They may range between $35 to $60 per month before tax. In addition, you may find limited options with costly data.  

Health Insurance

All international students require to have health insurance coverage. In most cases, your tuition fees will include health insurance. If not, you can opt for private health insurance ranging between $600 to $1000. 

Traveling Cost

An Uber or Lyft is generally expensive; it is most likely that you’ll rely on public transportation. Your travel cost will depend on how frequently you use public transport. Using public transit includes a combination of subway, bus, and trains. A monthly train pass could range between $80 to $200.

However, you can get a student discount with your college student ID. For instance, you can add student discount to your Presto card. Transportation is generally affordable, and many locations have free transits and transfers. 


Your rent will generally depend on the area you’ll be located. For example, accommodation closer to downtown is typically expensive. However, as you move away from the Toronto region, your rent could be $800 to $1,500 per month. In addition, most apartments or houses are generally unfurnished. Therefore, you may need to buy your bed, mattress, study table, and chair. You can find listings and affordable furniture on Kijiji

Food & Groceries

Everyday groceries could cost you $50-$200. It will depend if you plan to cook each day or not. If you eat outside often, just a lunch or dinner could cost you $10-$20 depending on your appetite. There are also tiffin services that may cost about $200 per month, depending on the type of service you choose. 

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