Canadian Citizenship Refusal – Here Is How To Fix It!

Check out important details for resubmitting a new citizenship application and how to address the refusal reasons

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Most permanent and temporary residents of Canada wish to get Canadian citizenship eventually. People work hard towards this. And righteously so. The benefits of Canadian citizenship are many. Also, Canada has one of the most powerful passports in the world.

That being said, it is also true that the procedure can be long and tiring. Everyone wants to get through this process as fast and as smoothly as possible.

However, sometimes a Canadian citizenship application may get rejected. But, don’t worry, you can always apply for Canadian citizenship again. 

This article lists everything you should do, in case your Canadian citizenship application gets rejected. 

Resubmitting a New Canadian Citizenship Application

The first step that you need to take if your application gets rejected is to submit a new one. Know that getting rejected should not stop you from future applications for Canadian citizenship.

However, whenever you reapply, your application is treated as a new one. This means that your application is subjected to current processing times. It is not the processing time from when you first submitted it.

So, for example, if the first time you submitted the application processing period was 12 months but now it is 18 months, your new application will be subjected to the 18-month wait time and not the 12-month period.

If you thinking about when can you submit a new application for Canadian citizenship, we have some good news. This is no time restrictions on when you have to do it.

You can submit a new application the next day. So, there is absolutely no waiting period before you can reapply. However, make sure you meet the requirements before you reapply.

Also, you need to make sure that you understand why the last application was rejected. This will help you overcome it. And ensure that the new one is approved smoothly. 

Whenever an application is refused, the immigration officer sends a refusal letter. This letter will tell you why it was rejected.

Sometimes the reason for rejection can be a very small one. Thus, it can be fixed easily.

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How to fix citizenship rejection

Citizenship test – If you fail the citizenship test, you can retake it. 

Required timeframe – If you haven’t completed the mandatory time required in Canada, you just need to finish that time before applying again.

Language Skills – In case you did not pass the language proficiency test, you can retake a language test like the IELTS to prove your language ability. Also, you can submit official college transcripts to fix this.

Taxes – If the reason is that haven’t paid your taxes, then you have to ensure you have filed taxes for at least three years before applying. If you did not file your taxes, you should let immigration know that you are working on it. They do not have a problem as long as you try to fix it. 

Citizenship Ceremony – If the reason for rejection was you failing to attend your citizenship ceremony, you need to submit an explanation letter about why you didn’t attend the ceremony. Also, add any supporting documents you have to prove this. 

Criminal record- If you got rejected because of a criminal record, now you have inadmissibility based on criminality. You will need to overcome this. You will have to seek rehabilitation or a pardon on your criminal record.

Also, if your citizenship application is refused, you may also seek judicial review of the decision by the Federal Court of Canada.

You have thirty (30) days from the date on the refusal letter to apply.


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