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How Does Canada Citizenship Test Work? All You Need To Know!

Last Updated On 14 July 2023, 9:54 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Generally, when you apply for Canada citizenship, officials check your status, verify that you are not prohibited and ensure you fit the conditions before granting citizenship. However, you must pass the citizenship test to acquire Canadian citizenship. 

As we all know, whether we come to Canada on a temporary visa or permanent resident, actual journey of statuses ends up becoming a Canadian citizen. Having a Canadian passport is pride in itself.

Information about the Citizenship Test

Usually, the citizenship test is a written exam, but it may also involve an interview. Within the test, you’ll be tested on two basic requirements for citizenship. 

First, your knowledge of Canada paired with the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

The second aspect will test if you have sufficient knowledge of English or French.  

However, the citizenship test does not evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in either French or English.

Adult applicants who are 55 years of age or older are exempt from taking the citizenship exam. Moreover, you can refer to the Citizenship Regulations to understand the criteria used to assess and meet the test requirements.

The Citizenship Regulations are the basis for all citizenship test questions, and the study guide contains all the necessary material.

How does the Citizenship Test work?

To pass the test, you must obtain 15 correct answers. Though, it’s not common, your exam could be oral as well.

On the test day, a citizenship official may determine that you will take an oral examination rather than a written one. 

The kind of exam is based on a variety of factors. For instance, you’ll take an oral examination if you have problems reading and writing in English or French.

Then, at a hearing, a citizenship official administers an oral test. 

In some circumstances, the hearing will occur on the day of the initial test. However, it often happens 4 to 8 weeks following the initial test date. You’ll receive an email informing the date, time, and place if it’s later. 

  • The test will:
    • Be in either English or French as per your selected preference
    • Have 20 questions 
    • Last for 30 minutes
    • Contain True or False questions 
    • And multiple choice questions 

What’s asked in the test? 

The exam determines your knowledge of Canada. It contains 20 questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and questions on Canada’s:

  • geography
  • economy
  • government
  • laws
  • symbols
  • history

The official citizenship study guide serves as the foundation for the test questions.

Hence, to prepare for the test, you can refer to the official guide-Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

You also have the option to listen, download and practice questions using the free study guide resources

If you don’t pass your first test 

IRCC will arrange for you to take another test if you don’t pass your initial written exam but still match the other criteria for citizenship.

Typically, the second test takes place 4 to 8 weeks after the first one, though this can vary.

However, if you fail your second test, you’ll receive a notice asking you to attend a hearing with citizenship officials. The hearing would:

  • Be for 30 to 90 minutes 
  • Ask to attend in person or connect by videoconference 
  • Evaluate one or more citizenship requirements, such as
    • Canada’s knowledge 
    • language 

If you cannot pass the test after three attempts, IRCC will refuse your application. You would have to re-apply to try again. 

Source: IRCC


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