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Canada Immigration Backlog Reduces By 95,204 – New IRCC Data

Canada Immigration Backlog reduced to 2,583,827 as of August 31, 2022. This is the first time that IRCC is reporting reduction in processing inventory. The new data suggests that immigration processing backlog has reduced by 95,204 as compared to July 31, 2022 data.

Furthermore, the backlog has reduced across all the major business lines to include citizenship, permanent residency, and temporary residency. However, there has been reports that fall intake study visa applicants haven’t received a decision on their applications even after their classes have already started in September.

As of July 31, 2022 there were around 2.4 million applications under processing. Out of which 1.3 million are backlog, while 1.1 million are within service standards.

As of September 1, there were 371,620 applications on the citizenship waiting list, up from 444,792 on July 15. Click Here For IRCC Latest Processing Times As Of September 20!

IRCC has received 559,552 temporary resident applications from applicants fleeing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Out of these, 251,922 has been approved as of September 14, 2022. These applications are also part of current IRCC processing inventory. 

Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) processing inventory has increased again to 53,029 from 47,025 as compared to July 17 data. Below are comparison tables for backlog data from recent updates. 

Backlog for Common Permanent Residence Applications as of August 31
Immigration category%age of backlog added/reduced since July 17Applications Under Process as of August 31Applications Under Process as of July 17Applications Under Process as of June 6
Canadian Experience Class (EE)0.37%5,2145,1956,088
Federal Skilled Workers (EE)-35.46%11,69918,12725,081
Skilled Trades (EE)-18.97%299369434
TR to PR-1.31%50,72151,39249,447
Quebec Skilled Workers-4.11%23,55924,57027,146
Humanitarian & Compassionate-2.09%29,22429,84824,651
Spouses, partners, children, other family-10.40%61,07368,15967,929
Parents and Grandparents12.77%53,02947,02541,802
Family Relations Humanitarian & Compassionate-9.88%2,7643,0673,106
Protected Persons-1.20%152,249154,098155,274
IRCC PR Backlog data as of August 31

Temporary Residence Applications Backlog as of August 31
TR category%age of backlog reduced/added since July 17Applications under processing as of August 31Applications under processing as of July 17Applications under processing as of June 6
Study Permit-22.66%152,147196,729173,353
Study Permit Extension-32.65%23,89635,48235,492
Temporary Resident Visa-0.80%896,772903,971771,482
Visitor Record7.10%96,59890,19582,113
Work Permit14.52%359,247313,710236,735
Work Permit Extension-5.78%169,624180,036171,998
IRCC TR Backlog data as of August 31