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Nova Scotia Immigration! Here Is All You Should Know!

Nova Scotia Immigration. Are you a student who wants to pursue the immigration process via study in Canada OR a skilled worker thinking to move in another province OR an Entrepreneur who wants to settle down in Canada? Nova Scotia is the perfect place for you because it is a wonderful province surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean involving several estuaries and bays.


The climate of Nova Scotia is awesome and has four different types of weather which include spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You can find the highest temperature of the year in July and January can be colder than other months. 


Nova Scotia also has several good schools which provide good education. Mount Saint Vincent University, Dalhousie University, St. Merry University, and Nova Scotia Community College are some famous campuses around the province. 

Immigration Policy

According to CBC News, the capital of the province, Halifax experiencing the largest growth in the history of 272 years!! The province just registered the 1 million population mark at the end of 2021. So, why does the province attract so many people around the world to settle down?

The main reason behind the flow is the immigration policy of Nova Scotia. After the successful implementation of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). Recently, Government decides to set it permanently and that’s the welcoming news for students especially who are studying across the Atlantic Provinces.

Additionally, Nova Scotia Nominee Programs (NSNP) also help more and more people to immigrate to Nova Scotia. If you can gain 1-year full-time work experience in the NOC code level A, O, B or C, you will easily find your way to immigrate to the province. Here are some checkout options: 

  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
  • Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
  • Physician
  • Entrepreneur
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur
  • International Graduates In Demand
  • Skilled Worker
  • Occupations in Demand
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Please visit for more information. 


Additionally, Nova Scotia is a good place to work. The Minimum Wage of the province is a bit low compared to other provinces. However, the province work hard to increase it for the last year. Moreover, Nova Scotia Health Authority is the largest employer of the province as it gives 23,000+ people employment. Jazz Aviation, Dalhousie University, and Emera Inc. are top employers who provide many people employment. 


Tourism and Immigration have a connection. If a province has a good climate and places to visit then it attracts more and more immigrants towards it. Also, Nova Scotia gets many gifts from the nature in form of caves, ponds, and hills. Furthermore, here is the list of some must-visit tourist places:

  • Kejimkujik National Park
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
  • Point Pleasant Park
  • Cape Breton Highlands
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and many more…
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Nova Scotia immigration

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