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Winnipeg, Manitoba-MPNP Draw

Manitoba PNP Skilled Worker Overseas: Know Full Eligibility 

Last Updated On 12 January 2023, 7:19 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Under Manitoba’s provincial nominee programs, one of the streams is the Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) stream. Manitoba uses point assessments to determine your eligibility for the Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) stream.

Recent MPNP draw on November 18, sent 143 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) to Skilled Worker Overseas applicants having a score of 686 or above, under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. This article delves into detailed eligibility criteria and points calculation for MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas stream.

Point Calculation for Skilled Workers Overseas Stream

To be considered for the Skilled Worker Overseas stream, candidates must obtain at least 60 points based on five characteristics and prove a strong connection to Manitoba. You are not eligible for this stream if you don’t have a connection to Manitoba, regardless of your point total. 

The MPNP points distribution shown below is intended for self-evaluation and information. MPNP will do a detailed assessment of any application received and assign a score to each candidate based on the information and supporting evidence you give at the time, as well as the current eligibility criteria and information, policy, and procedure provided on this website. 

Language Proficiency

Language Points are awarded based on documentary evidence of training and proficiency in one or both of Canada’s official languages, English and French. If you are fluent in both, use the one you are most comfortable with as your first language. 

As confirmation of your language proficiency, you must provide the official results of a recent MPNP-approved language test. Your test results must not be more than two years old before the day you submit your MPNP Online application to be considered. 

Applicants whose occupations are classed as National Occupational Classification C or D must have at least CLB 4 in English to be able to apply (or NCLC 4 in French).


The MPNP calculates age points based on the date your application is received.

Work Experience

Work experience points are awarded based on documented evidence of full-time employment in the previous five years. Only full-time positions of continuous six months or longer are considered.


You must provide proof of completion of education or training programs at recognized educational institutions to earn education points. 

A program is considered completed when you have completed all requirements and acquired a certificate, diploma, or degree. However, the MPNP reserves the right to seek a third-party review to verify that trades education and training meet Canadian standards.


Adaptability points are calculated based on documented proof of a strong connection to Manitoba. In addition, it considers employability in your evaluated occupation, proving that you have the genuine intention and ability to effectively settle and economically establish in Manitoba.

All applicants must have a Manitoba connection. Even if numerous connections apply to you, you can only receive points for one. 

In addition to Adaptability points, you may also receive Regional Immigration points if you have a connection to, and want to settle in, a region of Manitoba other than Winnipeg. Regional points are only supplemental and cannot be used in place of another connection to the province.

All candidates who indicate that they intend to settle outside of Winnipeg must demonstrate, at the time of application, that they have a valid connection to a region outside of Winnipeg. Additionally, the applicant must indicate a strong likelihood that they will make a long-term economic contribution to that region.

It is important to note that Manitoba PNP Skilled Workers Overseas nominate candidates who have demonstrated an established connection to Manitoba. The established connection can be through one of the following:

  • Support from family members or friends
  • Prior education or work experience in the province
  • Have a direct Invitation to Apply from the MPNP as a part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Who is ineligible to apply for Skilled Workers Overseas Stream?

The following are ineligible to apply to the MPNP:

  • Individuals involved in federal appeals or removals, as well as refugees,
  • Live-in caregivers who live in Canada currently
  • Temporary foreign workers who are now working and living in a province other than Manitoba
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents’ spouses
  • Individuals who have been denied by the MPNP in the last six months and are unable to address the reasons for refusal
  • Individuals with an active immigration application in any other provincial or federal immigration program in Canada
    • Remember that having an Express Entry profile is not considered the same as an immigration application.

Source: Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

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