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Canadian PR

Landing in Canada as a PR: Know 7 Important Things to do

Last Updated On 15 June 2023, 9:18 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Getting a Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada is definitely a dream come true for most people. So, if you have gotten your PR, congratulations! You made it!

Now that the dreaming, planning, and constant checking of PR status is done, what’s next?

Here are 7 essential things that you need to do when you land in Canada as a PR.

Activate your Permanent Residency

Once you get your confirmation of permanent residency (COPR), you need to still activate it. 

The COPR and Visa just confirm that you have received the permanent residency.

However, you have to activate it when you land at the first port of entry in Canada. It is a normal procedure.

The immigration officer asks for some general queries at the time of the landing of the interview.

Once they are satisfied, they stamp on your confirmation of permanent residency (COPR). Thus, this means that your PR is activated. 

Get your SIN

Your next step should be getting your Social Insurance Number (SIN). It is a nine-digit number that you’ll need to work in Canada.

Moreover, it also helps you access various government benefits and programs. You can get it at any Service Canada office, online, or even through mail. 

Set up your bank account

Banking in Canada is quite easy. However, there are many types of accounts that have different charges.

You need to choose the bank that best suits for needs. Nonetheless, it is important that you set up a bank account as soon as you come.

This will help you manage bills and avoid potentially costly withdrawals from your home account.

Lastly, don’t forget to check different banks ‘Newcomers’ programs/offers here and then compare them carefully.

Get a local cell phone plan

Getting a local cell phone plan is another important thing that you need to do when you land in Canada.

The earlier you get a local phone, the more you’ll avoid costly roaming charges from your home provider.

So, do your research properly and get a plan that best suits your needs. 

Find Accommodation

Finding a suitable place to live is very important. You may feel like it is a hectic job but don’t worry, there are various options to help you find suitable accommodation.

Websites like Kijiji, rent boards, and City Guides list various available options. You can compare prices and make a well-informed decision.

Thus, this helps you find suitable accommodation.

Get a Health Card

Health care in Canada is publicly funded. So, you are eligible to have the health benefits if you have your health card.

Therefore, you should apply for a health card at the earliest. You can get it from your nearest provincial service office.


Lastly, don’t forget to explore the country. With the stress of setting up your new life here, it can be easy to forget how exciting this whole thing actually is.

Give yourself a little break. Make some friends. Also, don’t forget to tick something off the bucket list during your first week in Canada.


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