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Confirming Your PR Via Online

Here Is How To Confirm Canada PR Via Online Portal!

Do you know? You can now confirm your Canada PR (permanent residency) via an online portal designed by IRCC. This is only applicable to individuals who has been approved for PR and are currently in Canada. To use this portal, approved permanent residents will receive an email.

This online portal is different from your IRCC secure account and you yourself cannot create it.

How It Works:

You will receive an email from IRCC once you are approved for permanent residency. This email will invite you to confirm:

  • Primary applicant’s email address as well as email address of dependents listed in the application.
  • You are currently in Canada.

After this confirmation, IRCC will create an account for you to login the online portal. Then you will receive another email with your temporary account details.

After Account Is Created:

Individuals will need to sign in using their temporary account details. When you login for the first time, you will be prompted to create your own password. In the portal, you will need to confirm that you are in Canada and update your home/postal address (if applicable). You will also need to upload your digital or scanned photo for PR card.

IRCC will review your photo and if it meets all the requirements, your photo will be accepted. As per IRCC, your PR card will be created within 2 weeks after photo is accepted.

Photo Specifications:

Your photo will be returned if it does not meet IRCC requirements. Click here for detailed specifications of photo for PR. The photo can be:

  • a professional digital photo in JPEG or PNG format
  • a scanned professional photo (don’t take a picture of a paper photo with your digital camera or phone)
  • a selfie (as long as it meets the photo requirements – submitting an incorrect photo will delay your PR card)


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Immigration representatives

An immigration representative (also known as an immigration consultant or lawyer) can give you advice and help you with the portal for a fee. But they can’t

  • sign into the portal using your username and password
  • declare that you’re in Canada for you

Source: IRCC Website

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